1. I think there would b a literal revolution in Iceland if they pulled out of eurovison

  2. But on the other hand, they will be different from Ineos and Arkea

  3. Tbh it's easy to tell which is which, one is at the front of peloton boring the life out of us the other is finishing in front of the ambulancr

  4. maxine bouet is one of those riders that you’ll never hear about throughout the race but you just know he will be in it

  5. what a career progression from Zana in the last year or two. Coming from relative obscurity at Bardiani, taking the NC road race out of nowhere, proving himself to be one of the best up and coming domestiques and now winning this

  6. Hugh Carthy has not been impressive at all this Giro. Is there a very obvious explanation or is he just not in form?

  7. Aiai, Cav having an argument with a Bardiani guy

  8. It would b interesting to see if there's a correlation between the lessening of stress levels and beautiful stages like this, been very therapeutic

  9. If you keep asking you'll be left on the road and miss tomorrow stage !

  10. theres something weirdly hilarious about the bike rider wiping the camera lense

  11. so as someone who’s never watched cycling i’m assuming Rubio is a better sprinter than Pasqualon who’s a better climber the roglic?

  12. Hope us 3 go the route of them or Bolton, Fulham and Blackburn from 01/02 rather than QPR, Norwich and Swansea from 11/12.

  13. The last time it was this wet in Adelaide it was Gather Round

  14. Poor Corratec would be sleeping in a camper van or a hostel

  15. Are they actually Basque tho or did their grandfather gold fishes uncle once visit Bilbao?

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