1. submitted app today! fingers crossed for at least a deferral to rd

  2. such a great game, even four years later. how did you create this? is there a way you could share the code for it so I could create a spinoff?

  3. It’s normal, don’t worry. But let’s think about it like this. Colleges r a business, students r their assets. U r am intelligent person who is going to do great things so u r an asset most colleges r willing to take because it’s a no brainer. But even if u aren’t any actual asset (you are this is a hypothetical) think that u r because faking it till u make it is a real thing that works. Have the confidence you’re an asset and eventually everyone will believe it. That confidence is an asset to u, being self conscious is a liability. You’ll be fine, just know your family believes in u, u believe in u, and if it matters as a stranger on the internet I believe in u. So have that confidence and know u r going to get into a college that fits right for u and after the 4 years r up your life will continue to be great, because that’s what great people do

  4. how did you do it? i’m currently struggling to get some body fat off right now

  5. also ik bing is stingy about no test scores so idk what will happen if i don’t submit

  6. Just for my own information, would you say that my comment is reasonably accurate?

  7. Congrats!! Seeing all these rejections from CWRU makes me nervous… do you think it was because of their Tufts Syndrome? In any case, enjoy your summer :)

  8. I advise people to not apply undeclared. Admissions officers need to quickly grasp the "persona" of each student, and glancing at the intended major helps them immediately understand your intellectual passions. For schools that admit by major, it's obviously even more important to declare. For schools that don't (any school that has a "liberal arts" model, like Ivies) it's better to specify a major so you can write a focused essay about "what are you interested in studying at college." If you write an essay like "I'm considering ABCD" then it is likely to end up being a wishy washy summary of various subjects.

  9. well you see i would like to go into stem, computer science in particular, but my grades in my stem classes aren’t as good as my humanities class grades so i’m just trying to get around that disadvantage

  10. this scares me i have a genuine interest in CS but likely won’t get in anywhere :( i’m much less impressive than all these other applicants

  11. Don’t fret! I found my niche with CS+music, so if you’re interested in something else with CS, you can use that to make yourself stand out without crazy ECs

  12. i’m a pretty average applicant, i don’t really have anything special going for me

  13. I got in with 92 gpa (/100), 5 IB classes and 31 ACT. No extracurriculars or sports. Had a job for 2 years retail. I'd say apply to Harpur, don't submit test scores unless ACT is better than 30-31, SAT better than 1450/1600. Otherwise, have a strong essay and wish for luck. Apply ED if you're seriously crazy about Bing, but I would keep your options open IMO.

  14. now that’s not true, no test score won’t automatically disqualify her

  15. i didn’t say it would automatically disqualify her. it’s a disadvantage because sometimes AOs believe that applicants received a low score if they don’t submit their own.

  16. that is true, but unless stated by the applicant, ao’s really have no right to assume anything. the valedictorian at my school was never able to take it bc she got sick every single test date

  17. Yeah me neither, since CS is so competitive. That makes sense, but CS jobs are very well-paid no matter where you graduate from. I would say apply, you don't lose anything from applying.

  18. yeah i know, my problem is just that i don’t know if my chances at employment will be worse if i go to a less known school rather than berkeley or cmu

  19. I don't think your chances of employment will be THAT much worse off, it's more your skills and certifications that employers care about rather than what school you graduate from.

  20. so you think it won’t matter what school i go to for CS?

  21. is cornell sha test blind? if so your sat score wouldn’t be reviewed at all and you may be better off working on ec’s and essays

  22. tbh with your stats if you go test optional, you can reach as high as you like, you never know what might happen.

  23. if it helps much i’ll have 10 AP’s, 2 Duel Enrollment and 9 Honors Courses taken by the end of senior year

  24. i’m a full pay applicant so i have a little bit more leeway in terms of where i can apply and pay for. i visited bu and sorta liked it (it was very cold!) and probably visiting tampa in the fall

  25. If you keep doing that and keep flipping majors you are going to be burning money.

  26. i’m looking to apply to nyu this fall and i was wondering a few things: how is social life like? is it easy to make friends? (like many opportunities to) did you enjoy it?

  27. i wanna go to nyu too! seems like you have a pretty good shot id just say you should try to get your SAT score a little bit higher and you should be set. best of luck to you!

  28. no, i’m domestic and i’m not sure why my school includes it

  29. umiami is not a safety for anybody as it had a sub 30% admit rate this year. also UMD and UPitt are in that grey area where they sometimes yield protect for odd reasons

  30. does yield protection actually exist? I feel like ive seen aos say on this sub it's very rare and more likely you just got rejected

  31. not super often, but as I said, some schools like UMD are known for practicing yield protection as they’re in sort of a middle ground where they’re not a top top school but not a bad one either, so they typically try to balance who they think will attend as they know they’re a lot of peoples “safeties/targets”

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