1. Exactly. Firefighters save people from burning buildings every day, yet rarely do you see the stories in the media. Because firefighters do their jobs every day. Firefighters don't decide to stop fighting fires, then do a media-blast propaganda press release entitled "Firefighters to do fire fighting blitz all weekend!", all patting themselves on the back like good boys and girls, as if somehow doing their jobs for a couple of days every three or four months was something to be lauded.

  2. Is this for real? Watch local media. You see firefighters saving people every day. Shit there’s even a trope about firefighters on the news saving cats out of trees for the last 40-50 years.

  3. Wow what do you use to make the alcohol? And how do you distill it?

  4. completebeginnersguidetodoityourselfhomemoonshine

  5. This is EXACTLY the kind of thing I will never get drunk enough to do, yet will get drunk enough to encourage others to do.

  6. They're a shy, curious people who rarely come out during the day, preferring to forage at dusk and dawn. At night they are very active, but keep mostly to themselves, doing crossword puzzles and debating the merits of various French philosophers. They often play a game called "Why and Wine" where they debate the nature of existence while getting drunk on vin.

  7. Increasing internet access does not give a boost to a populations education/intelligence.

  8. True. However, not having internet access does give one an excuse for a lack of education.

  9. Is it true? Because without evidence, isn't this one of those "opinions of the uneducated"?

  10. Everyone's skull is concave on the inside.

  11. Yeah, all landlords support this landlord’s actions, all football players supported OJ’s actions, and everyone who worked for Amway was a big fan of Paul Bernardo.

  12. You created a false argument. No one said "all landlords". But there were numerous people in other posts on this subject defending the murderer landlord. For you to pretend otherwise is disingenuous.

  13. I don't know about the BC parties but the is absolutely 0 chance the provincial NDP would ever get power in Alberta if they didn't compromise and shift right. It's a completely different party by design. For what it's worth Notley has been trying to diversify energy production as opposed to all in on oil and coal.

  14. The provincial NDP in BC are nothing like the NDP in other provinces.

  15. Partially right. They can have different rules. They share many rules in common. So why does this rule automatically have to be different?

  16. Well if you go back and see what I wrote you will see that I did NOT claim to know the difference.

  17. Yes, and if you actually considered what you wrote you'd understand that while the rules can be different, they aren't automatically different.

  18. Sorry to say, get used to it folks. The social inequities that drive these events are getting worse, and not only is our Conservative government not trying to fix them, they're actively making them worse, while at the same time creating numerous new problems.

  19. You're seriously blaming the provincial government for this? How about making the person that did this and their parents accountable instead? Lifetime ban from the TTC would be a fair start at the bare minimum.

  20. I am not referring to any one isolated incident, but rather the increase in similar youth-based violent crimes.

  21. currently there is more protection for renters than landlords. Ontario renters are among the best protected in Canada with the exception of Quebec.

  22. Guess you've missed the hundreds of articles on illegal rennovictions.

  23. It totally ruined That 70's Show for me. I used to love to watch reruns of that and now I can't stomach the thought of watching him onscreen.

  24. Same here. One of my favourite shows that I used to love to revisit every 2-3 years, now unwatchable.

  25. It boggles my mind every time how incapable redditors are at detecting sarcasm

  26. A well-recognized and often commented upon phenomenon "boggles your mind"?

  27. What happens when a cop commits a crime, in order of most likely outcome:

  28. Begrudgingly, with minimal commitment and effort until the media stops paying attention and they can go back to hiding in parking lots, yes.

  29. Weird, I didn’t see you in any of the threads about HPS safely resolving that double homicide yesterday. All you do is complain and all you ever have to offer is some shitty sarcasm. Never a suggestion beyond “HPS ShOuLd dO ThEiR jObS”

  30. I only block people who have to resort to boorish behaviour to compensate for their lack of ability to make a salient point, so .... you win $10

  31. Your dog can't just decide to let itself out, so it is used to going at certain times every day. Their bowels are like alarm clocks, when it's time to poop they gotta poop. You can decide to sleep in, but biology marches ever onwards.

  32. Think about people outside of this app reading the article. Fact of the matter is it makes no grammatical sense. Im going to put my trust in actual journalists who are educated in this sort of thing rather than armchair redditors grasping at straws thinking theres some sort of narrative being pushed. You can have the last reply below.

  33. If the cyclist gets off their bike they become a pedestrian... Not a cyclist. And if they say driver, what does thay mean? Driver of what? A car is as specific as a cyclist.

  34. Your grasping at straws, and everyone knows it.

  35. Zeitgeist means, loosely, "the spirit of the time". It's the collection of societal trends, ideas, concepts particular to a given place and time.

  36. "Old" in professional sports is nothing like "old" IRL. Might as well complain you're old because you're too old to be a child actor.

  37. Wow, imagine if this post prompted other people to spam OP's comments with replies of "k".

  38. It comes off as insincere and uncaring

  39. Thanks for that brief glimpse into your dark psyche.

  40. What, alcoholic Karen who just peed herself a little?

  41. Johnny Fever: Hey, I went through Harvard!

  42. I don't mind the conversations where people mention who they would like to see one day or things like that. But I don't care about actually seeing people try and make correct predictions (or trying to make predictions myself) especially with all the effort some people put in by comparing schedules, etc.

  43. Agreed! I certainly don't mind the conversations and posts, and hope I didn't give the impression that I do.

  44. Same. I'm not from the UK, so I'm not familiar with a lot of names, although I watch a handful of UK panel shows. Even when they announce the contestants there are chances I might not know some of them, so instead of looking those people up, I wait for the season to start. If I like them, then I look up what other shows they're in and watch those too.

  45. Same here. Thanks to Taskmaster I've discovered some really great performers I'd never heard of before!

  46. During the time you were there. There's a lot more time you weren't there, so you wouldn't know.

  47. He was the only one able to/willing to read the daily reports sent to his CO

  48. This is the correct answer. Donald Shaffer, he real-life person Radar was based off, got his reputation for psychic powers simply because he read the dispatches and thus knew when the battles would take place.

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