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  1. I'm sorry but you're all ridiculously naive. Do you honestly think that these women are as genuine as you perceive them to be?

  2. look when she does stand up against them all - they turn and don’t have her back

  3. She's a hypocrite. Watch all over her drama fueled situations. She's caused more shit than anyone in the most recent seasons

  4. Crystal is great for the show. Her solo scenes are some of my favorite too because her family is adorable.

  5. It's all fake. Crystal is the biggest shit stirrer of the season

  6. The first 40 minutes of shawshank redemption x 5 times... I've never seen the ending 🤣🤣🤣

  7. I went to an Irish primary school, one day I was telling a story to my friend before class had started and accidentally used an English word as I didn’t know the Irish for it yet.

  8. Wasn't Scoil na gCeithre Maistri was it? We got a lollypop if you were hears speaking irish (?!?) And if caught speaking English, we had to stand outside the princies office at lunch time... 🙃 among many, many other things 🤣

  9. I have a vague recollection of this happening in my school too, maybe it was me an i repressed it.

  10. Are you from Athlone? 🤔🤣 I feel like we're talking about the same school...

  11. Go for a walk in the rain and then have a hot shower afterwards. Then a sleepy day on the couch watching crappy movies.

  12. That sounds so nice. Like putting on wellies and jumping in puddles as a kid.

  13. Depends where you are. They've opened an indoor adult entertainment venue called Elavate in Athlone. It's very good.

  14. Idk if everyone will be too young to remember the show Angela Anaconda but these remind me of that art style lol

  15. Plastic surgery is so popular in affluent areas of Dubai, Doha etc. Its literally free for citizens of Doha as their health care is free.

  16. Wow, OK. Your projection is really strong here. I never said there was anything wrong with her nor did I ever mention anything negative about her. I think you should probably do some work on yourself before you insist on others doing the same.

  17. Thank you. I always want her to know that she's never alone and that she should be proud of herself regardless of anything. I appreciate your comment and your courage to speak about your own experience. That takes a mountain of courage and although I may not know you, you've taken some weight off of my shoulders. Thank you :)

  18. Does that apply to non-EU workers here on working visas? I'd like to think it does but there could be a grey area there.

  19. You can't just get a house because you're pregnant. I was in a houseshare when I got pregnant and moved out when I was 5 months along. It was really hard to find a place but I found somewhere. Not everyone is so lucky and you're not likely to get a council house fast unless you're on the dole for years and on the waiting list for ages.

  20. Thank you so much! I admittedly nicked the scarf idea off of someone else who made a lil duo. They were making a scarf for each language they were learning and I just loved the idea haha. The knife idea I also have to credit to someone on this sub who suggested it after I posted a pic of my completed duo lol. The passive aggressive vibe I had from duo sitting on my bed staring at me after that really made me practice more though 🙃

  21. Is that supposed to be red? I saw the orange and thought "oh someone is learning Irish on here!" 🤣

  22. She may need the show but we don’t need her. She is a vile woman and if she tries to victimize herself one more time I’m going to go bananas. I fast forward through a lot of her scenes and the show is still good.

  23. I feel the exact same but about Sutton. Sutton has zero empathy and makes everything about herself. She literally has mo concept of the real world.

  24. I need this attitude lol. I don’t really have friends but I want to do things…this is the attitude I need lol.

  25. hmm thats a good point but i know for a fact that last year i could not get a maintenance grant bc ive only lived in the eu (rather than specifically in ireland) for "at least three of the last five years". i dunno what exactly the eu law states in regards to that but due to the fact that im studying within the eu im also just eligible for german government support while im in college; i suppose every country ought to be supporting their own citizens where needed as long as its all within the eu? but rlly no clue, thats just kinda what i figured made the most sense

  26. They calculate your eligibility based on the year prior, not the current year. So, in 2020, I presume you were living in Germany? They are your eligibility based on 2020. Since you've been living in Ireland and resident in 2021, you're now eligible for maintenance payments.

  27. Had a family member recently move to Clane, Co. Kildare and they’re in love with the place.

  28. You don't need to adjust anything. I just buy the ticket in the station (I can buy online and book a seat that way but I'm usually in a rush in the morning and I get the train every weekday). You can't reserve a seat less than an hour before departure but if you buy a return at the station (day returns are cheaper than open returns and I find that after the price change, buying online vs in station isn't much different price wise anymore), then you can book your seat on the return journey by going online and clicking on the part that says 'free travel pass or valid ticket'. You don't have to pay anything, it just let's you book your seat. If booking online, get a flexible ticket because you can use them on any train, doesn't matter if its booked up.

  29. Kind of looks like Clonmacnoise but I think a few people have recognised it above.

  30. Just sent off the forms for a first time passport yesterday and the estimated issue date is a month from now

  31. Yeah, but the verification process will take ages. I asked about this a while ago and I now know of people personally that are waiting about 5 months... 🙈😭 Still waiting for my daughter's and I stupidly booked flights.

  32. I know of some places where they don't even tell you they're doing it to be honest. I've worked somewhere where IT recorded what websites you most used etc and started blocking them. They weren't even bad ones.

  33. I feel like people are always up my ass when I'm driving, it's really annoying especially on hills, like give me some inches so I can do a hillstart and stop overtaking me on a dangerous road!! I'm not a bad driver and I'm only 4 lessons in as well. People are just so impatient and cocky on the road.

  34. You're not alone. There are hundreds and thousands of us in the same boat. It is disheartening and does feel futile. I don't have a positive spin to put on the situation most of us are in. All I know is that this government just don't care. They don't care because it doesn't affect them, their families or anybody in their circles. Maybe if they lose their seats, they might start to care.

  35. Would you honestly want to improve your life as a young person if you looked around you and saw that those who have still can't achieve anything that we were told would come with hard work? I'm just annoyed at this stage and I feel like I'm just paying tax to line someone's pockets. I'm cranky 🤣

  36. I'm pretty sure if I got my toddler to annoy them about it enough they'd reform 🤣 "but...but...but... but.."

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