1. Just got my first night shift pay check and it is absolutely not worth it. I’m getting fucked

  2. Im watching the episodes now. I think it’s interesting how on the show they never talked about DRUG use. We all know they were using

  3. You don't have to. But if the majority refuses makeup, it will be very cool and equally)

  4. It’s unfortunate how quickly songs get played out on instagram. It really is a damn shame.

  5. Idk I just think this sub is getting very negative now. All the snark is on their appearances

  6. If I were getting dogged out by my babies’ daddy I would want a gift from my momma too

  7. Wow almost like the words in rap are reflective of the singers' mental state.

  8. Because so many people drive recklessly at 80+ MPH. Also, gas is really expensive and I save a lot of wear/tear on my car when I’m not pushing the shit out of it

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