1. -Dude how deep in the friendzone are you?

  2. I love this song. It will forever be the definition melancholia for me.

  3. I do agree, Ryuichi Sakamoto's Works are truly beautiful.

  4. Hopefully It will be related to the Cold-Fusion Technology.

  5. He should get a Plasma Cutter from Dead Space Instead.

  6. The Game is being developed since 2017, Really a long-term propaganda planning for the war.

  7. This may be the case, but it still seems to me to be a very inadequate way of expressing it.

  8. In the Intro Sequence, One NPC mentioned "German SSR" which could be an abbreviation for "German Soviet Socialist Republic" and the "SSR" is the standard suffix for the state in the USSR.

  9. Slightly Different Translation, but will do the job

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