1. but the alternative is nationalism and a repeat of the 20th century isnt it?

  2. How is pan-Europeanism not another nationalism? It's maybe not as narrow as French/Dutch/Danish/etc. nationalism but it's still juxtaposing the European against the African or the middle-easterner by maintaining a fort Europa and using Frontex to drown them in the Mediterranean sea.

  3. It is but it's not ethnicity based and doesn't come with some kind of trianon baggage by default.

  4. Lots of nationalisms aren't explicitly based around ethnicity. I say explicitly because black and brown bodies are washing up on European shores to keep fort Europa migrant free

  5. I just hope Livvy does not get back with the Drip King but keeps rizzing up Baby Gronk after he takes Baby Diggs in a 1v1. I think I'm speaking for everyone here.

  6. Ruben Oppenheimer is de luiste kutcartoonist ooit lol

  7. Will Zelensky replace Baby Gronk as the new drip king after being rizzed up by Livvy?

  8. https://twitter.com/kendotorg/status/1666458727371685892?s=20

  9. Do you think Zelensky can take Baby Diggs in a 1v1?

  10. China has already received secret information from the US that Baby Gronk is the new drip king after being rizzed up by Livvy. Although president Xi commented that he thinks she might be merely using him for clout.

  11. A sub dedicated to being "anti-woke" became a rightoid shithole?

  12. I can not get into this album for the life of me. Feels more like a Cudi record than a Kanye record, vibe wise.

  13. Yea surprised to see this so far down. I'm a pretty big Kanye stan but this album never clicked for me. Reborn is incredible, top 10 Kanye track in my opinion but nothing else clicked for me. Even at the time I thought Ye was significantly better and now I'd prefer Jesus Is King and Donda over it. I actually think it's his weakest album. It being 7 tracks long doesn't help really either. Not entirely sure why I don't like it, just it never gelled right for me.

  14. I find him even more lame somehow. His Vice Magazine-style epic bacon war tourism annoys the shit out of me.

  15. I just use the web browser when I visit Reddit on my phone.

  16. I saw it a few months ago at a film festival. One of the writers/actors did a brief q+a afterward. She said that Malm (author of the book) was there when they blew up the pipeline.

  17. I’ll probably get banned for this but… lmao.

  18. Just normal names like Scooter, Lil Texas, or Angerfist.

  19. Yay more heavy handed moderation on my favourite niche subreddit. That'll show the hoes.

  20. disco elysium is pretentious nonsense and political diatribes which get in the way of a good murder mystery. Not to mention the annoying mind voice overs and dice play rng.

  21. I once saw someone on reddit talking about how the moral of Disco Elysium is you should never go too far in any ideology

  22. https://www.nu.nl/voetbal/6265609/ajacied-berghuis-geeft-fan-ferme-klap-in-enschede-krijgt-boete-en-betuigt-spijt.html

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