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  1. You should make sure your settings are correct. If you have a tb with HDR and 4k, make sure to adjust the tv to correct nits your tv has for a better experience. I've found that Dolby vision actually puts this very light gray filter over games, so I've disabled it personally. If you have the extra cash, I'd highly suggest getting the Dolby audio app, as it has been useful to me since I've downloaded it almost a year ago at this point. Go to game stop and get the turtle beach stealth 600 as it is a really good headset and it has a different audio modes such a bass boosted, and others.

  2. Click on the apple icon in the top left corner -> about this Mac -> storage. in there you can check what is taking up storage.

  3. View > Show All Devices. It will probably be the "Macintosh HD - Data" volume - have you tried emptying your trash?

  4. Oh shoot nvm it worked. Thank you. I just had to delete that data folder, what was it even for?

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