1. if you see a moose then stop and don't keep driving i had that encounter of someone hitting a moose in Colorado springs my way back to Aurora

  2. daki and gyuutaro would win because he has poison and no one is going to heal him if it was just him fighting Shinobu won't heal him if she is not there in daki is the problem with her cloth sash he going to get cut while he fight gyuutaro and uzui had help form tanjiro and zenitsu inosuke help him but uzui would still win but die of gyuutaro poison if nezuko didn't heal him he would be dead and noone would be there to help muichiro and two upper six vs one hashira upper six would win

  3. Ummm.. I don't wanna be a bummer about this?! But are you sure? Are you sure that wolf didn't attack and running away to eat that Wolf cub?!

  4. yes had to talk withVoyageurs Wolf Project he confirmed that the wolf was carrying a dead pup in its mouth so sorry

  5. my dog died because someone was speeding and he got hit but i'm so sorry for your lost 💚

  6. i'm in Colorado but in Aurora if Colorado bring wolf back it's going to be first encounter with a wolf never seen wolf in real life.

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