1. I have Starlink and have had it for 11 months.

  2. How do you know you’ll get fiber in two years? I wish I knew for sure for our house ugh

  3. It won’t affect anything but I’d let your lender know. I got a raise and they didn’t care at all - as long as it’s not a demotion or something

  4. Did you ever get the payoff? We’re buying a house and the seller had a mortgage with USDA. Our closing is delaying indefinitely because of them just not releasing it

  5. This sub's mantra is never give notice until you have keys to the new place in hand. So figure out a backup plan or arrange temporary housing.

  6. Yeah I don’t believe that they didn’t know. They wanted to stick to their listing price exactly too and I feel like they knew they had to get that much.

  7. I wonder if you could give an update on how long it took in the end? Going through the same thing and it’s nerve wrecking

  8. So the sellers lender took until the last minute to get the payoff to the title company correctly. They had the first time buyer lien and the lender lumped it all together, but when called, they correctly itemized the payoff. We still signed on the 8th of April, but funded on Monday the 11th because of how late the payoff came in for Friday. We are happily moved in, it was just very nerve wrecked for closing!

  9. Just came here to say that please look up thriftbooks.com! I order all my books there now - they cost $3-4 and shipment us free above $10

  10. It is working! The speeds aren’t lightning fast. But, they are fast enough for us. We had HughesNet satellite service before. StarlinkRV is at least 4X- 6X faster. Speed test today was 76Mbps down and 9-12 Mbps up. With managed expectations, StarlinkRV has been great for us. 👍

  11. Do you have any updates? Moving to a rural location and struggling to find internet fast enough to work from home😩

  12. I will definitely post my results after my surgery this summer! You can also message me with any specific questions you may have. It's been a long 15 years for me. I am REALLY looking forward to this surgery =)

  13. I would love to hear your experience as well once you get the surgery. After having my daughter, my curve got so much worse and I’m seriously considering surgery

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