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  1. Damn….. this hurts hard….

  2. I dislike what donut had become. Been watching Vice Grip Garage lately, I think I grew up.

  3. Vice grip has become my daily fix. Love the guy. Has changed his formula for years. He brings back memories of my grandfather and me working on older cars.

  4. My family grew up with Loyale, best damn car! So sorry for your loss!

  5. I did a good chunk of the work on that sweet sweet car. Owner is a really cool guy, loaned it to me on Mother's Day so my mom could drive it.

  6. Father owned a 71 in that exact color……. Memories man….

  7. Seems like a shitty situation……

  8. Honestly, based on mounting hardware the industry has been driven to a more traditional hole and bolt/ facet connections. The idea being that nobody wants their expensive solar panels flying off on the highway. You could get a mobile solar panel kit and place it on the ground and have an exterior hookup to your camper.

  9. Great place!! We camp there in the spring and autumn….. how’s the flagstaff? Looks pretty new! 2020 or 2021?

  10. Love to see the pop ups out at a park that usually has big set up!

  11. Absolutely!!! And we went to the Toledo zoo! It was great!

  12. I also see a license plate with the tail lights

  13. As a manufacturing engineer…. This makes me cry……

  14. That is an awesome campsite!! What a view! Might have to come up there soon!

  15. Depends on how your van rides with the trailer attached. Is the rear squatting from the added tongue weight? We also tow with a van but we added airbags to support the rear suspension. We have a WDH that came with our Fleetwood Niagara but I haven’t used it yet.

  16. This!!! I wanted to tow a little before I get the airbags to see what towing was like before. Can recommend the driving and handling is way better with the rear airbags!

  17. Enjoy! It’s great to see new people enjoying the pop up life!!

  18. Omg I was just there looking at the yurts! It was such a beautiful weekend to camp there :) perfect temperature and humidity at night. Hope you are having blast and enjoyed Lake Ontario!

  19. It was great! Weather was good! The little tornado loved the playground!! Would recommend again!

  20. Nice setup, stayed there last week for the first time, Loved it. Met some great people from all over the country. Kids loved the playground and can swim over at the Fort Niagara pool for $3.

  21. Wait! The pool is only 3 bucks!?!? Gonna come back for that!!!

  22. Nice setup! What is the purpose of the antenna?

  23. Came with the camper. Suburban elite griddle

  24. Seriously have the exact same setup. Except mine is a 1970esp. How’s the griddle for you?

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