1. I stg I thought my gecko was blind because of how bad her aim is

  2. It gets dusty when dry, which can cause respiratory and eye problems. It's used in tropical terrariums and sometimes as an ingredient for soil mixes.

  3. Aquarium salt be sure to add the proper amount per your tank size. Make sure your water is clean and the parameters are good. Name sure there isn't any chlorine or ammonia they will eat your Betta fish fins. They should grow back after the bacteria is killed off. Make sure your temperature is set for your Betta, too cold will stress them out.

  4. great thank you ya j was cleaned 2 days ago so it’s not that… i used aquarium salt and betafix just in case!!

  5. Yes, Plan B is just progestin (1.5mg of levonorgestrel), which is the same stuff that’s in birth control. However, you need to avoid EllaOne, which is a progesterone blocker.

  6. What emergency contraception did you take? Plan B or EllaOne?

  7. alright. I would recommend adding some aquarium salt if you don't have any plants. Since it's not bothering him right now, I wouldn't do anything. If it isn't curable and begins to bother him (stops eating, slows down etc.) you may need to consider euthanasia through the use of clove oil.

  8. Here's a link to how to do salt baths.

  9. I know you're probably in the south, but I'm sure you could buy them online. They make rechargeable or disposable heat packs. The disposable ones it's usually this little baggy and when you open it, something with the air causes it to heat up. The rechargeable ones are usually called hand warmers and such, meant for warming your hands in cold weather. It is battery powered so you can use it for a couple of hours. With these though it is important to monitor their temperatures constantly, put them in a sock or something and make sure your gecko doesn't have direct contact with it.

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