1. NTA; mental illness is certainly not objective and each situation is different, however it sounds like this is negatively impacting your life. This person needs to get themselves help and you are not responsible for that.

  2. There have been too many instances of rock climbers rappelling off of the ends of their ropes, which could have been easily avoided by tying stopper knots at the ends of their ropes.

  3. NTA, however, you should consider these triggers to be uncontrollable in the world around you. Your mom should provide a safe place for your recovery, but if you begin spiraling, please bring it up to your care team as they can suggest other treatment options/ a path to longer term recovery.

  4. As someone who works for an AI company, if your company decides to replace AEs with AI they are in for a rough time…

  5. God forbid you even say a word to them about their out of control dog. I've approached people about it in every way imaginable and I almost always get yelled at.

  6. Lol this thread is kinda proof of that, I tried to get my dog to run/ ride with me but he just can’t, I take him on leashed walks/jogs in the AM and then I get to ride in the evenings.

  7. Had the same debate, decided on surgery, Idk what would have happened if I didn’t get it, but I know surgery worked for me, I was riding 3 months post op, 5 months 100 percent again

  8. TPRT says:

    90+ repvue public company

  9. Nice! I (like many others) am looking for a golden egg company. I work AI sales and it’s good but the capabilities haven’t been productized enough to have repeatable sales

  10. TPRT says:

    I got pretty lucky with a referral for a job I was NOT qualified for but was a good enough interviewer.

  11. Good looks man! Thanks for the tips, any sites you hung out on for finding these types of roles? I have been on a whole bunch with no real luck yet

  12. I got super baked once before a park day, spent the first hour or so going slow as fuck on the green trails laughing my ass off at every bump, once I drank 2 beers it snapped me out of it, I was still high but I just didn’t give a fuck and I rode great the rest of the day, even wore my lederhosen,

  13. LMK how cookie mintz is, I wanna try it- I do have a sensitivity to THC but I Im looking to micro dose it

  14. Ok, update. Took one hit (bong) and I will say the website description is accurate. Effects slowly ramped up and I feel sleepy, relaxed and dreamy, like a slow body melt. I bet if I had hit it twice though I would be ready to nap.

  15. Getting laid off sucks, but it taught me something really important, your job is not as important as you think it is and you will always land on your feet, I got laid off/ fired and ended up getting a gig making 20K more doing less work.

  16. You don’t actually need a full suspension…In fact it’s probably preventing you from being a better rider in probably 50% of cases

  17. Wasn’t sure whether or not to upvote you or downvote you so I closed my eyes and clicked.

  18. I have the same conundrum on a trade-in. Dealer is offering $19.5k while KBB / Edmunds / Carmax are saying $21k. I plan to bring a printout and see if that will bump my value up. But it's far from a dealbreaker.

  19. Yeah I know they have to make their money, but just as they say “it’s a hassle for you to sell your car private market”

  20. Try the pink panther from wnc, also check out holy city farms and their blueberry, those 2 vendors have the best hemp in the market in my opinion

  21. Can you share what strain you liked? I’ve been looking for a whole and I never know what to get. Anything to help with sleep?

  22. Yeah man! OZK Platinum, I bought a pre-roll, it says it is more indica, I would probably smoke 30 min to an hour before bed. Worked great for me!

  23. CBD has 0 effect to me personally, that may be from 15 years of THC use but when I had to quit for about a year I tried CBD as an alternative and I felt nothing, I'm actually very low tolerance to pretty much everything 1 shit I can feel within seconds, 1 THC toke I can feel pretty instantly and after 15 years 1 bowl will get me tore up lol but as for CBD I'm pretty sure your good to go 👍 let it rip chief

  24. When you hit CBD, are you smokin flower or like the vapes? I’ve used the vapes before but IMHO they suck, (at least 3 Chi).

  25. Also that's weird bc in the delta8 community 3chi is highly regarded

  26. Updating this post for future reference, the CBD came in and I smoked it, felt great. Currently feeling the buzz and enjoying it! Thank you all for your input, advice, and everything

  27. “Here’s your room key, breakfast is from 6-8:30 Am, wifi is your room number+last name on the reservation-please ignore the dead hooker stuffed in your mattress and have a wonderful stay”

  28. I’ve worked at a company where it was much, much better to burn the bridge. Bridges can bring trouble as well…

  29. Genuinely not meaning to be a dick here but as a product manager, you should know that the MVP doesn’t make it to MMP based off the negative feedback of a single potential customer- but should consider the collection of shared user reviews that can be leveraged for adding functionality/ features.

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