1. Where’d you buy the crown zenith box from?

  2. when idns and switchbru exsists… 🤦‍♂️ (

  3. If it’s just this game then it’s prob a broken gpu, otherwise your graphics card it’s outdated. Wrong sub btw

  4. tip for next time: tweening is fine, but you have to learn to not depend on it, or else animations will look choppy in some cases.

  5. tips for next time: make sure every frame that stks move every single body part, cuz it looks like it’s robotic and choppy, also tweening is fine but don’t depend on it all the time

  6. Perhaps w smoke bomb dash and good timing you can get this position without losing 1hp. Did u try it?

  7. Doesn’t feel 1.9 to me, J blocks were not a thing

  8. Pokémon let’s go pikachu, odyssey and smash bros

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