1. The policies were not anti-cop, but the cops' reaction to them has very much made me anti-cop.

  2. Yeah, the Texas claim to New Mexico was never anything more than fantasy. The Santa Fe expedition was a great example of how the fucking around is followed swiftly by the finding out.

  3. So you think children should be in a household where their only meal is from the school? I’m trying to make the point of wether or not your just poor or neglectful.

  4. Dude, your fucking words "If you can't afford to send your child to school with lunch...". Get some perspective, grow up.

  5. That's for surf fishing. The cleats hold it down so your bait just doesn't get dragged back to shore with the breaking waves.

  6. I came back after 20 years in California (although I grew up in SA, not ATX) for similar reasons - to be closer to my aging parents and extended family. It was a huge mistake. I worry every day about whether I did the right thing for my children to bring them up in a place where christo-fascists are firmly ensconced in power. Also, it's so bloody goddamned hot for most of the year. Don't get me wrong, we are very fortunate and have a nice life here -- any place is what you make of it -- but if I could do it again, I wouldnt come back.

  7. Is that a line on the table? I thought we skipped that shit.

  8. Growing up with tv as GenX I had the impression the coke was everywhere. But then I never knew anybody who ever did it - at least to my knowledge. Am I oblivious or is my experience normal?

  9. I don't think it was allowed to be shown on TV when we were growing up...

  10. Some common thread between all these countries I can't quite put my finger on....

  11. Who fucking cares. You know you have the world's most powerful thesaurus in your hands as you read this right? She's three. If you left her unsupervised long enough to do something you disapprove of, it's on you bro.

  12. This is like when you order what you think is a PS5 on eBay and they just send you an empty PS5 box...

  13. Finally some meaningful games for trout and Ohtani!

  14. Lol right? This will be the only championship they will be playing in...

  15. That was awesome! I also never knew Ohtani had wheels like that. Probably because he's usually jogging the bases...

  16. Axon said the same things about Tazers when those were first brought to market. Turns out they bribed doctors to say shocking the fuck out of people is harmless. Axon paid even more bribes to more doctors to endorse a

  17. I'm sure the bullies who peaked in junior year of high school and received 6 weeks of training will use this device with foresight and restraint.

  18. Imagine being this guy, he probably fears getting shot because people like you hate him so much.

  19. If I thought violence was the solution to political disagreements I'd be his supporter.

  20. Then op needs a support group or hobby, not a psychic that will charge op money to say what op wants to hear.

  21. Honestly when you say it like that I could kinda go for some of that.

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