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  1. Why not just go to Terry Blacks here in Austin? Special reason to travel out to Lockhart?

  2. Love your writing! It's great how you build characters, worlds and plots that all fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Makes for a very immersive reading experience.

  3. I always envisioned Glokta played by Willem Dafoe.

  4. I’ll take things that didn’t happen for $500 Alex

  5. So many road diets, separate bike lanes, and sidewalks

  6. You make great points that will help anyone reading this understand the issue.

  7. Also, people don't realize how much (a) the University of California has been an unprecedented engine for innovation and growth in California and (b) that the lion's share of Work that has made that innovation possible has been done by the grad students and postdocs. In 4 years at Davis I can count on one hand the number of times I saw a professor actually working in the lab.

  8. Is the expectation, now, that grad students should live upper-middle class lives in a HCOL like San Diego?

  9. I'm in the same boat, symptoms seem to be more RSV like than Covid-19 and I've had faint pink line covid results, which I'm still not sure what a "faint pink line" means... And the brain fog is real.

  10. Lol why the TMI? Just the title alone would have sufficed and kept it Austin related, the whole backstory is irrelevant.

  11. If the boyfriend has resided there for over a certain number of days (which certainly sounds like the case here) kicking him out will require going through an official eviction process if he doesn't voluntarily want to leave.

  12. I highly doubt that the police would lift a finger. They don't even come when actual crimes have been committed. And the boyfriend doesn't sound like he has Cooley LLP on retainer. He'd probably just slink off...

  13. Not telling you what to do or how to vote, just pointing out that the vibe of "everyone who isn't an extreme rightwinger on the national stage is fine" isn't that helpful in local elections. We have serious issues here.

  14. I understand what you said, and it was the part about you coming into a forum talking about the mayoral race to say that you don't care about the mayoral candidates was the part I took issue with.

  15. I'm just trying to understand your position. I didn't say I don't care, I just don't care that much

  16. It was made by a racist Italian-American, clearly

  17. You are correct, I might do that, I am not scare of them , I just prefer not to deal with them constantly, you know, it is just anoying

  18. almost every other night we see one or two silver fish in our bathroom ceiling or the other rooms, you never know when they are going to fall on you or in your food, ....

  19. i dont need you to believe me, but you can at least acknowledge that the very fact that you can search someone up and find their address with just their name and date of birth, thanks to voting records, is fucked up.

  20. Sorry for discounting your experience -- it just seems improbable that two weirdos independently used the same obscure method to stalk you. Maybe you just happen to attract weirdos who are civic-minded? Or is there some fucked up how-to website where they trade tips?

  21. Those are common carp. I have caught them before with a crawfish pattern

  22. So happy for the children of New Mexico and their parents!

  23. Apparently you don't know how to spell censor or what it means.

  24. You know the meaning of words better later in the day?

  25. I think we all need to know… what do you use it for?

  26. “Pedophile and Sex Trafficker Uses Mormon Religion As Excuse For His Depravity”, there IFIFY.

  27. Stocked just before Thanksgiving right? What are they eating on?

  28. Caught him on the pink wiggle worm you see in the picture.

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