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  1. They really aren't. They're 12 years old in bakuen and Arue's still rocking double D's if not bigger. The LN size is already kinda much, so going beyond that, which the anime absolutely does, is just overkill.

  2. In the LN Arue could at least pass as a teenager. Here she looks like she's in her 30s

  3. Yes, and in Bakuen she does pass as a teenager.

  4. Just barely. My main complaint is and always will remain her bat wings being replaced by a bow

  5. Honestly, the fact that these are leaks should be taken with a grain of salt. The real thing to be excited about is that Chikashi Kubota is back (he made this promo image)

  6. If she leaves you for another, there is always her mother

  7. In Konosuba season 1, episode 9, Kazuma meets up Dust and Keith, his buddies. They take him to a secret Succubus corner

  8. Do they have subtitles? If they do, I'd appreciate it if you could link them, but I could also just search them up

  9. Gonna say he also step away from direction to supervision in Princess Connect season 2 and, god, the animation quality in season 2 was absurd.

  10. Absurd as in good? Also Kanasaki (the supervisor here and director in the seasons) is pretty competent

  11. Really good animation. Top tier one (but still if the crappy facial expressions 😁).

  12. Kanasaki doesn't have to do much with the animations. He's responsible for the overall feel and aesthetic (why it's familiar to Konosuba) but the Animation supervisor of Priconne is much MUCH better than Kikuta. The only good thing about Kikuta is that he brings along with him several top animators

  13. Kikuta, they're supposed to be 12 years old here. Stick with older characters for your saggy breasts fetish.

  14. Bruh got flamed for pointing out a genuine issue

  15. No, it'd on December 4th as per Konofan

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