1. I run a LLP under my personal Upwork profile. You just need to submit documents to prove that LLP belongs to you. This will justify the name mismatch between the tax information of LLP and profile name. After you form your LLP, upwork will take a few days to verify the documents and you will be good to go!

  2. Does LLP have to be in name of the person who has a Upwork Profile? For instance, I have a Upwork profile but can LLP be under my wives' name?

  3. LLP needs at least 2 partners. As long as you are a partner in the LLP. You should not face any issues. You can have your wife as a second partner.

  4. Oh hero spend some money n hire and tax/finacial advisor instead of asking here, u should be able to find them on upwork also, they ll do better work n fill the paper work also

  5. I just went to college for 1.5 years out of 4 due to the pandemic. I am sitting at home for 2 years now. My final semester is over now, I will get my degree next month.

  6. That's great. We can meet then someday.

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