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  1. It’s fun until your most expensive plant is the only one doing bad and you’re regretting all your life choices 🤣🤣

  2. Honestly I find these guys sooo easy! They’re very hearty and grow super fast! I have mine right under my grow light it had to adjust a little bit some leaves got burnt but after that it’s thriving

  3. I keep mine indoors under grow lights and have had several bloom. Most of my Hoyas are in Ikea cabinets with no additional humidity or weather stripping. I have some hanging in front of windows as well.

  4. Okay cool! Yeah it’s pretty dry here if I don’t have my humidifier on (which I usually don’t because I’m lazy) I can get 50% right now if it’s a rainy day. And that’s keeping the door shut in my “plant room”. I never know about if Hoya like a lot of humidity or not, they clearly don’t need it since mine are doing fine. I think I’ll try some different things once it cools down a little more

  5. I also noticed mine really took off once I started using the miracle grow orchid spray… learned about it from Hoya Facebook groups and took the dive despite mixed reviews. I use it about once monthly now. I use an orchid potting mix with worm castings and primarily have them in terracotta pots.

  6. I’ve heard really good things about the orchid spray and I always think about it when I’m at the store. I think I’ll go for it next time!

  7. I’m so sorry this happened. Although her life was short you gave her everything u could and fought for her and thank you for that. ❤️

  8. Love this plant! I just got one and it’s been at a stand still since bringing it home but I can’t wait for it to start pushing out new leaves!

  9. I love my jungle boogie I can’t get that thing to stop growing! Pushing out a flower right now too! Beautiful plant I highly recommend

  10. It’s definitely A lot wider than tall, I just chopped it too in hopes it would stop growing but it’s still putting out 2 leaves at a time 🤣

  11. I would definitely check out the local stores in your area. I have 2 in my city that sell rare plants and the rest sell the same stuff as lowes and HD with occasionally rare stuff

  12. IMO all variegated anthurium are still pretty rare. I’ve never seen one before, and I don’t even think I’ve ever even seen anyone on Reddit or Facebook selling one. I think it’s gonna look awesome once it starts getting mature!

  13. Lol I came here to say that the oramge ones are very special! No brain cells but unlimited heart cells 🥺

  14. To probably piss you. Just look how manacing Salem's glare is. All jokes aside, maybe it's just a weird habit that your cat picked up from its own wits or maybe for attention.

  15. It could be mcolleys? Mine is a baby but the colors aren’t too different and it does have that red colored stem and petioles

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