1. Or, hear me out, if you have a issue with me then we communicate instead of cheating. I know, wild concept

  2. "I am your judge, executioner, jury, executioner, jailer and if necessary; your executioner!" Walker (Danny Phantom)

  3. Does anyone actually say that about ToTK? Granted, I don’t follow any Zelda communities but all I’ve heard was positive so far.

  4. For what I’ve heard from a friend, good game with only two main annoyances. 1. When your only real tool is the ability to move and merge items together, the puzzles become repetitive and tedious for some of the shrines. 2. The ability to merge items with weapons is cool but because it is a mechanic, you have to merge basically everything. This is extra annoying with arrows since you have to merge them with every arrow shot.

  5. I mean I feel like any store would do the same no matter the merch. If you move seven shopping carts of stuff away from their aisle, you are just making the employees job harder. People are still gonna buy the goods but the employees are gonna have to put it all out again

  6. I don’t like the statement “will serve 2 terms” if he doesn’t are we gonna have January 6th 2 electric boogaloo?

  7. Nah. I alway play normal mode. If I really like the game, sometimes I go back and try it on hard but that is only second run and if I really like the game. Some play for the challenge and others play for the story and characters. It’s up to you what you want out of it

  8. So you're saying old people shouldn't have a voice in government?

  9. I’m saying they shouldn’t run the country. People still have a voice through their vote but I don’t think someone 65+ would be able to accurately represent the country. Everyone has a voice but some are too old to hold such a high position of power

  10. So old people, who are a significant part of this country, should not be allowed to participate in government? Maybe we should just kill off anyone once they reach the age of 30.

  11. What are you on? They still have plenty of representation. I don’t know if you realize but there don’t have to have people of a certain age demographic to be represented. Otherwise no one under like 25 would be represented at all. The thing is that they are because of voting and other ways of voicing you opinion like writing to representative.

  12. I mean the game is like 7 years old and the story was mostly designed for when it released. The story isn’t the place to learn the mechanics. Because of how old the game is, the game goes from super easy early on because they give you good units from the start to very tough because you don’t have a good variety of units and gear to okay when you eventually have the units and gear to build for most content. More modern content in the Vortex would be more appropriate. Also there are plenty of people who can give advice on different tough content like Sinzar who does YouTube guides. Also there is the daily help thread for any questions you might have.

  13. 3 looks most accurate to what I would/should be but I like 4 design more.

  14. Only one more to fill in the image. What game will that be?

  15. So who is gonna be the one to call DeSantis trans so he has to go through these new stupid rules?

  16. At least I can see where the mix up was for this one. Most are way out there with the subs they post on

  17. Battle royale, Hero based PvP, MMO, MMO, mostly PvP... Do you have any singleplayer examples that aren't fighting games?

  18. I mean some like borderlands but that was DLC that they released long after the game released. If you add a new class, paying is fair but locking a whole class from the games release is just greedy

  19. It’s really good with the sleeping vulpix but I love the fusion with Sylveon

  20. It’s hard to find spoilers because everyone is just posting pictures of crucified koroks

  21. Okay but have you seen meowscarada without a mask. I don’t like the mask, but editing out the mask makes meowscarada 1000x worse

  22. Monster Sanctuary. It’s a creature collector metroidvania. Picked it up after I Sword and Shield while waiting for the next game. It started so simple with type matchups but soon descended into a web of complex team building tied together with a decent story.

  23. Playing world for a bit to take a break from Sunbreak. Probably going to switch between the two when I get bored of each late game grind

  24. That is literally the only thing I was looking forward to with the shift to Overwatch 2. Well I guess I’m never going back

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