1. The one at Bridgewater is run more as a community shed than a men's shed

  2. I lived in Queensland my entire life and I’ve never seen this in my life

  3. I saw that, and then proceeded to open and read the policy.

  4. If cell replication happens all the time, why is cancer bad?

  5. Also believe that some unknown en entity is holding back on "the cure" for "cancer"

  6. Why is it BBC shouldn’t it be ABC?

  7. Like I said, what's bad ASIDE from the 4th of July theme?

  8. I have to wonder where all the button switches are on either one.

  9. I can tell you the genuine one is Bluetooth and does its thing by Bluetooth.

  10. Badass. But I kind of roll my eyes at someone with a rig with off-road prowess, but they haul around a step to help them overcome like 12" of ground clearance.

  11. Great job. Bring a localised ad to a world wide forum that is barely relevant.

  12. There is already a government funded breakfast program in Tasmanian schools

  13. The department is also in the middle of setting up a school lunch program with several schools in the trialling phase.

  14. I'd have expected to see a mob of excavators and front end loaders at Komatsu base

  15. It's been a year or two since I did mine but one of the top tips my instructor gave me was to book the session before lunch and don't exceed 5 below the limit.

  16. Those recycling logos are on every cardboard package. There is nothing to justify the big "eco" on the front of the box.

  17. Going by the ™ next to the big arse "eco", is say the brand justifies it.

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