1. Look sometimes you just need to jump into the fight

  2. What if the reason I dislike bleu cheese isn’t because of the mold, but because the cheese is French?

  3. If this is how you connect Digimon to Tekken, I wanna see a mod where WarGreymon is doing an Electric with his big dumb dramon killers.

  4. Whoa whoa whoa take your Amazons

  5. Applimon does not deserve this slander

  6. I think you’re on to something cause I’m thinking of something very similar to you.

  7. I don't want to make it TOO rigid with its factions the same way Vanguard does, but that's about the concept yeah. Assist cards, for exemple, wouldn't be restricted so an Alien could help a Kaiju or an Ultra and vice versa.

  8. Right right I think there should be more general flexibility for someone to play a hybrid deck, but that would require more brainstorming.

  9. Just take your time with it. Even as someone who loves model building, some days I just don’t feel like doing it. Great part about that is I can a little each day or do a limb or the cape one day then finish another limb or the weapons next week. Before you know it little by little it’ll be finished and you get to the fun part: posing it in different stances on your shelf to take pics for your own personal enjoyment

  10. GilgaSterne looks cool as shit. How the fuck do you make a light unit more edgier than most dark units in the roster?

  11. I don’t see Dorugreymon on here. Curious

  12. I liked every moment Dyna was on screen, but it’s a shame he just kinda shows up and there’s no Asuka.

  13. Grumblemon was a straight up goblin and I can relate to that

  14. Gatanazoa makes Gatanathor look like a manlet in comparison

  15. This is the same situation of someone getting a asian language/letter tattoo thinking it means “strength” when in reality it says “Mongolian beef”

  16. If you could possibly get masked heroes Dark Law and Acid to strike some Henshin poses, I’d be eternally grateful

  17. Ah yes my favorite digivice: the Ziku-Driver from Kamen Rider Z-io

  18. There’s too many, but to narrow it down:

  19. Well, considering the light likelihood that it’ll get a season 2 that’ll dive into the real plot they’ve been teasing, I imagine it won’t take that long for something interesting to get hooked on. But, if you don’t think any of that would change your mind then by all means, do what makes you feel better y’know what I mean?

  20. It’s so good, I let the episode rock till it rolled onto the next.

  21. I mean KR keeps using them so why not? Just make sure it’s thematically consistent with the plot and character beats mind you

  22. Now for the inevitable experiment to color swap every Ultras base color to see if still looks good or not

  23. It’s funny cause it seems like they were both designed by the same person if you look at their face lines and paints seem very similar in these 2 photos. They also have the dragon man digimon mecha closed mouth guard type thing (dunno if this has an official term/name)

  24. The show and all the deaths that surround her have lead her to this point. Her parents, her guardian, Kotaro, Shunsuke, hell I’d even argue Bilgenia as well. When she was still human and naive about the situation surrounding her she still thought peace was an option. But, after being turned in a Kaijin and witnessing the ugly conspiracy of the govt and Gorgom she almost loses faith like Nobuhiko did. But, with Kotaro’s dying wish still in her heart she still wants to fight for freedom, but knows she can’t be a passive participant in the conflict. Also makes sense she wants these kids trained so none of them get lynched like Shunsuke did

  25. I’d say to be more discerning with reviews. Like if someone gives it a low score and says something to the effect of: “fuck this liberal commie bullshit in my toku” their statement doesn’t hold very substantial weight to others like you or me.

  26. Oh naw not next to the jjba: Heritage for the Future cabinet

  27. Isn’t Ojama Emperor supposed to be the purple one?

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