1. is that kid named Isaac Isaac?

  2. RAS syndrome is not not a joke my guy

  3. OP, how do you make the planes form leaves and blades of grass?

  4. I wish I was a little bit taller

  5. He shouldn't let the raccoon drink, what of her needs to drive somewhere? How will he start the car

  6. He's looking too far east, that'd probably be near the coast

  7. Igotchu: (63360 * 7) / 3.3333 ≈ 133057 Fish

  8. You can in File > User Preferences in the Themes tab select 3D View, Wire and Wire Edit(The wire frame you're editing) should be near the top.

  9. My guess is an Airco DH.4. If you look at the shape of the top wing there is a closer resemblance.

  10. Yeah, I think you're right, good call on that.

  11. Anyone else notice the scores for the first week adds up to 101%?

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