1. I agree with everyone else. If all the anomaly quests were like that, it would lose its charm fast.

  2. You didn’t see a hammerhead, you watched a captive animal trying to find a way out of it’s cage. Sad that it has to spend its life going insane in a shitty tank paid for by idiots.

  3. They’re very much different species and Fang can tell.

  4. Idk. Looks like a home aquarium. I assumed this was OP's personal aquarium or a friend. He's never commented saying the size or that it was a public aquarium lmfao.

  5. It’s a public aquarium, and the tanks big enough for both of them to stretch out and swim around.

  6. Damn. What size tank is this? Looks like a 60 gal bowfront when these dudes probably need 200+

  7. These are close up pics, the tank is bigger than it looks

  8. I just assume any monster who’s gender isn’t spelled out could be either male or female

  9. It’s either this or extinction. There’s less than 100 of these in the wild and that number is declining.

  10. I concur with the other comment. There’s a hundred ways I could be calling out low effort reposts. This was the least toxic option available.

  11. It looks like you chopped off a spino's sail and just glued it on a sino.

  12. It's the way monster AI is coded in the game. They only ever fight each other when the player is nearby so that they don't accidentally make one monster mountable when the player isn't there.

  13. Except it didn’t go ride mode, it just got blown up then fled to the next zone.

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