1. What size is your wrist out of curiosity?

  2. I have pretty much the same wrist size and a 36 fit me much better then a 41 for a dj (41 looked like it was overflowing into my forearm) Check my profile for pic

  3. Stolen away on 55th gets 0 love - not on one list but an underrated song

  4. Funny you say that, took about 15 years to grow on me and now I can’t get enough of it

  5. Pig Two Step BOWA Grey Street Shotgun Break for It Stone Dreaming Tree So Right Bartender YMDT Warehouse You Never Know American Baby FTWII Beach Ball Black & Blue Bird Sugar Will Crazy Easy Good Good Time

  6. Beach Ball and Crazy Easy 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Same. I even posted this here last week and it seems a lot of people having the same problem.

  8. I have owned all 3 generations of airpods and have had the same issue with all 3. Totally unbelievable

  9. I replaced mine and it is gonna arrive in few days.

  10. I replaced my third gen. To my horror, same thing after about 5 days. I can’t understand it

  11. Am having this issue with the third generation. Did anybody ever find a real solution?

  12. I can't speak much about it, but they came out swinging right at a time when the grunge era was in full swing, but also dying. My dad, for example, is 50 and he was (and is) a huuuuge grunge era fan. Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins... Those are his heroes. DMB was part of a movement that came after that saw 90s alt rock turning more indie leaning and a bit softer than the grunge movement. I think a lot of people had a distaste for that sort of thing. Also, Dave is a great singer, but he has a quirky and unique voice that doesn't land well with a lot of people. Most folks also just hear the hits which, Crash Into Me especially, are very sweet and pretty sounding which gives them a sort of lame overtone. As opposed to a lot of their deeper-cut music which is very intricate and interesting.

  13. Love this comment. Great insight and well said

  14. If youre offended by other peoples joy that probably says something about you tbh

  15. My feeling with this is that Dave tries to explore different sounds and doesn't really care if others like it. Which makes me like his music even more.

  16. Agreed. Not sure if you were just referring to that song, but I believe that’s how Dave operates in general. It used to annoy the absolute hell out of me but as I’ve matured, I now completely respect it

  17. I used to hate Song that Jane likes until I heard Dave solo Benaroya Hall. Some songs hit better when it's just Dave.

  18. The Benaroya Hall performance changed my opinion on multiple songs

  19. Most bands aren’t in a position to negotiate their first record deal the way they where. They did it themselves until it made sense to bring in outside help. And, once they did, they where in a position to set terms and negotiate shit out of any deal.

  20. What can you tell us about Coran Capshaw? I believe #41 was about Dave’s falling out with him?

  21. Great info. Thanks for sharing

  22. All-Time: Graves, 41, Lover Lay Down (LT 37, anyone?), Jimi, Bartender

  23. Look for the Yoshi’s broadcast from 95. It’s a great little show with the first play of what eventually evolves into Pig and a favorite #40.

  24. Where can these be downloaded?

  25. I’m considered a new fan in terms of my age but I’m a fan of the newer stuff, LOVED away from the world. I definitely understand the old music vs the new music and I see why some people wouldn’t enjoy it as much but I do!

  26. I am always interested in hearing that perspective of new fans. Thanks for sharing

  27. Everyday? The material, while not as solid as the big 4, is still pretty solid in its own right. Definitely goes without saying that the songs work better live, but as a whole piece, it ain't bad.

  28. I count legitimately 8 (!!) songs off Everyday that are legit bangers live. Everyday and Stand Up get so much hate from much of the fan base, but so many of those songs really hit in concert and add some great flavor to shows.

  29. Update: Since AIR236 is trying to direct message/chat me (after my post), I have to ask publicly...are you, AIR236 Boyd Tinsley?

  30. Definitely one of the more underrated DMB albums, imo. Gets a lot of undeserved criticism

  31. £3800, but I claimed 5% tax back as I don’t live in Dubai and I was just shopping there

  32. What is that in US dollars?

  33. Thank you for the reply. I know it’s impossible to answer for someone else, but what might someone be seeking- for whom this would be a great career fit?

  34. Sure. The career offers tremendous flexibility, endless job opportunity, decent compensation, and the opportunity to help improve the lives of people who desperately need it every day.

  35. Undeniable cons are limited career growth (in some environments) and burnout (although this isn’t unique to SLP - it’s across the board in healthcare). Just my view over 11 years in

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