1. Dicks is just a given. Phish is always locked in for the Labor Day weekend there. I do hope they do four nights again, that seemed like a blast, although I met a lot of people who were exhausted on Sunday.

  2. Four nights is a marathon man

  3. Looking really really cold from what I've seen. Hopefully that changes

  4. As a drummer I listen to Fish a lot. He’s unlike any drummer I’ve heard. He adds a lot of little things that make each track difficult.

  5. Listen to the gorge 98 piper. Dude absolutely slays that

  6. My legs at 33 are stronger and last longer than they ever did at 18-22.

  7. Should have lifted weights in high school

  8. We need to move on from cousins. How don't people see that

  9. Very icy today. Did two glade runs; they were ok, very thin cover

  10. First time at Stratton today. If that's not crowded I'd hate to see it when it is

  11. ChatGPT will one day rule us all.

  12. I’ve never skied the other two, but Sunday River is my number one mountain. There are 8 peaks with a wide variety of of terrain. Because the place is huge, it spreads people out so I never feels super crowded.

  13. Sunday river was crowded af last Saturday. It definitely gets crowded there

  14. I think it's around 400 at Jay and around 100 at other mentioned places. Mind you, aspect and wind loading and moisture content all play into the snowpack and skiing quality. Even things like what species of trees primarily coat the mountain is a factor in snow catch (ie scrub birch no good, mature firs are the money tree).

  15. Jay is definitely full of shit with their snow totals too though

  16. I think this sub is exhausting, elitist and frankly gives a warped perception of the sport. Yes there are lines, yes there is bad snow. Can you still go and have fun regardless of how much powder there is? Absolutely. is it worth complaining about lines or rain? No, you start to sound like a lunatic if you do that in real life. Everyone I know is just stoked to be out there.

  17. Agreed with number 1, disagree on number 2. You can always complain about lift lines

  18. Leading up to the 2021 draft, there was a thread here that asked, "who would you NOT want the Vikings to draft?" And my answer was 100% Christian Darrisaw out of VT. I watched three full games of tape and I came away with one conclusion: lazy, lazy player who gets by with being bigger and stronger than everyone else. Worked in college, won't work in the NFL.

  19. Agreed. You can't teach his kind of strength.

  20. I think that's just technique. The DLineman are way oversetting so are vunerable to the attack. Regardless if it's routine, he's recognizing and executing the situation expertly .

  21. He's also strong af. His punch explosiveness is exceptional

  22. He was also having a bloody awful season the season he got hurt. Who knows if he was ever going to reach the near MVP level again, with of without the injury.

  23. He was inconsistent overall if we're being honest

  24. His upper body strength and punch are unreal

  25. That's so lame. Cant they just print less of them?

  26. Thus article lost me in the firet few sentences “inflation is already down.” That is a cute thing to say, for pundits and politicians, but go to grocery store, go to home depot.. its a mess out here

  27. Inflation is down though. That's an empirical fact.

  28. I leave the theater for every movie I go to see.

  29. Never done a double feature?

  30. Nobody is saying snowbasin? Wtf?

  31. Everybody else said great runs but dont sleep on keyhole. That shit was epic last time I did it. 15" of powder on a Monday, nobody there.

  32. Aka most of the Seahawks fans on here?

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