1. Out: Jones, Hepp, Phillips (single ruck)

  2. Agree outs, ins I’d say Voss over Hind especially if you’re losing 2 talls.

  3. Going against the grain, but I thought Heppell wasn’t too bad in his first game and, although his skills were at times ordinary against Gold Coast, he did manage to find the footy with 14 touches (71% disposal efficiency) 7 marks in 3 quarters.

  4. You’re not a million miles wrong, but whether we use his spot on the playing list over developing a Hobbs or someone else who’ll be able to make a difference in our next tilt at a premiership..

  5. Munk named in the fwd pocket, Hayes is a big watch for me too given the hype around how close he already is to AFL level and all hopes are pinned on him and Ried for the future of the AFL backline.

  6. If you look at the age profile of the mids he’s actually well placed to develop into a full time midfielder.

  7. Pull it apart and clean with isopropyl alcohol, paper towel and toothpicks.

  8. After I’ve polished the iso off with torn pieces of an absorbent paper towel, I blast the assembled system by blowing out, then crank up the heat and do mini cigar puffs in and out. It only takes about 3-4.

  9. Notice how it’s always Black artists when they complain about Triple J going mAiNsTrEaM?

  10. JJJ has gone mainstream, but the people my age complaining about it don’t realise there’s no longer a dichotomy between the commercial and alternative music stations like when we were young..

  11. Terrific pictures mate - is that a fireplace in one wall? I’d love to hear what the historical reason behind it is, part of a building bombed in the war?

  12. Looks like all but May have some skills type print on them - would love to gift one to my nephews, are they a thing?

  13. https://www.sherrin.com.au/training/precision.html

  14. They missed out on Clarkson when they inexplicably decided to re-sign Dew early for being a nice bloke who most of the players like.

  15. Just coz we’re sharing green bikes with tan sidewalls and leather B17 saddles…

  16. We’re still postings these, even though the off-season has ended?!

  17. This is absolutely shit, no doubt... but this year will hopefully allow some of our young key forwards to step up. Jones, Voss, Baldwin - we'll figure out what they're made of. Weideman now seems to be our most experienced key forward. Hopefully it can click for him... he should get plenty of chances now.

  18. You’ll need something warm for the plane - make sure it packs small coz that’s the only time you’ll need more than shorts and a T.

  19. Porsche owner card - lovely cars driven almost exclusively by wankers with access to too much money.

  20. I found the usual people who would break your balls (good mates, family members etc) either don’t or don’t persevere with giving you sht for long..

  21. Reckon she is, didn’t think so myself until the last couple things she says though.

  22. Can see why you’d say that, but nah. We’re just gonna have to own this one fellas.

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