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  1. I was really worried that was how it was going to be when I saw them a few weeks ago, but the crowd was actually really cool. Everyone even seemed cool with grandson too, surprisingly.

  2. That first opener was really bad though, snail mail was pretty good for what it was

  3. Came here to say this. If you see this run immediately

  4. BKJ feelin a lil nostalgic aye? S’insecure

  5. Anyone throwing hands during Snail Mail’s set this weekend?

  6. I’m showing up to Boston nice and early to thrown down to some x_SnailMail_x

  7. That’s a great opener pick. I saw Turnstile in Vegas last week and Snail mail opened for them. They sucked so hard. Sounded like the fuckin Star Wars cantina band. More boring than elevator music.

  8. I go to the show next Saturday. Seriously debating showing up late to skip snail mail

  9. Yeah cool you're living your dreams but how many chiggs ya fugg bubba

  10. So I bought tickets to a turnstile show in a couple weeks without knowing who the opening bands are and they are not heavy bands at all. I have a bad feeling I messed up

  11. No problem at all. STI is Subarus performance arm. They make parts specifically to put on other cars in their lineup.

  12. Have heart, counter parts, comeback kid and miles away saved me from the darkness on multiple occasions

  13. Song made me start crying at the gym when I first heard it. That whole album is 🔥

  14. Friend of mine at the gym just showed me this album. Absolutely a banger

  15. Ultimately leading to the creation of one of the best movies ever made.

  16. I just watched a bunch of clips of that movie. Holy shit how did I miss this masterpiece

  17. Great pick. Aggression was something very special that flew under the radar at first

  18. Idk man, maybe Muslim extremists weren’t the bad guys after all

  19. My prediction has been that Callen will eventually leave TFATK (the cracks are already showing), and ⬛️⬛️⬛️ will step in as co-host.

  20. Brian is still on? I haven’t listen to tfatk since about 2019 so I have no idea what has been going on since then

  21. I mean we have the capability for most other industries from hostility, medical, insurance, trades, automotive, etc. Just the same as other states. The issue is we just have a state that focuses on hospitality and retail.

  22. We absolutely do not have the ability to grow the medical industry in Maine lol.

  23. I think music really has a way of bringing people (and insects) together

  24. Alright gramps, let’s go find your chair.

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