1. Who has the video replay since Fox won’t show it?

  2. Check your local pet smarts! We adopted our two little ones a few months ago from there!

  3. They’re always changing their bio to remove or add it back. Like we KNOW what’s going on y’all. Lol

  4. I would hope he’s not a police officer anymore. They’re always drinking at the bar/bronco games AND he’s the one driving.

  5. He’s a cheater. Had a whole side piece he was blowing up the day of their wedding. He’s also know for hitting on every female in Colorado. I would know. I was one of them. 😂

  6. Check your local pet smart, we just adopted our two babies from there & workers there said kittens have been coming through like crazy.

  7. Nocturnal Tattoo 2 does flash fridays every week and have a ton of options to choose from. Including spooky ones

  8. Check your local pet smarts! We just adopted two kitten from there!

  9. My sister received hers on Friday, I’m still waiting for mine. And we live together. Lol.

  10. Typical and Madeline are both still on my regular rotation. That whole first album was amazing. Hopefully they can still hold that mainstream rock/with tons of punk sprinkled in.

  11. Typical was my song for years! Lol. But I agree, I would love for that type of rock/punk to come back!

  12. Do you know about how long the adoption process takes after applying? Because I absolutely did. Lol.

  13. She already has a great butt, no need to stick it out like that🤦🏻‍♀️

  14. There’s another post on this sub about a stolen car that was shooting down I-70, I think* that’s what they are referring to.

  15. Honestly why I only go to gas stations in broad daylight. Not saying it wouldn’t happen then, cuz I’m sure it does. But as* a woman*** I no longer feel safe making a pit stop between 8pm-6am

  16. I know depending on where you live, and how close oil pumps are, you can sometimes hear them. (I grew up in Frederick CO lol) butttttt not so sure you’d be able to hear that in an apartment… unless you were on the first floor.

  17. Literally just went to PP for my first abortion and had to wait 2 weeks for the appointment. Workers said 80% of their patients are coming from Texas.

  18. I actually don’t care for her at alllllll. Something about how childish she dresses just doesn’t sit right w me. Just my opinion yall. Lol

  19. Yes!! I’m glad someone had a better way of putting it in to words. Like she has such a killer body, great booty, but then she dresses like a child and it just absolutely doesn’t sit right with me!

  20. I’m sure she reads here and will be upset about this post and go off on stories again.

  21. You guys she’s the fakest “influencer” ever. Her and I used to go to 24hr fitness in Brookfield CO together. She’s bought over 1/2 her followers (hints why her personal page doesn’t grow. I’m surprised TSLs page is at 38k tbh. All her clothing is Ali express & extremely overpriced. I honestly don’t know how or why she’s even considered an “influencer”.

  22. I’m deaddd was she ever seriously dedicated to fitness ever? She doesn’t even seem like she cares about being healthy or fit in generla

  23. This was like 2016/2017 and yes she did work out. Nearly all leg/glutes. But I mostly seen her record a set then do something else. Rarely did I see her going all in on her lifts and actually sweating!

  24. this color never looks good on fair skinned people, CMV

  25. Wait, what?? I’m a pale female and creams/whites still look good on me?

  26. Thank you so much and yes I’ve slowly been able to eat like normal again and getting outside more is helping the insomnia.

  27. I 100% did this in college and early 20s and still looked fit. Now I have 1 glass of wine or a marg and am dragging the next morning 🥲

  28. I did vaginally. And didn’t get any nausea from the pill. But if your in a state with abortion restrictions, you’ll want to take them buccally.

  29. 8hrs in to my Ma and now I’m nervous and scared as hell. I don’t want this to happen. But like, this MA has been nothing but a mild period to me. Minus all the clots.

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