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  1. I run my 22” without anything in the pan. Temps seem to stay pretty stable throughout the cook. I almost went with sand but I saw it mentioned somewhere to try the pan dry and have so far been pretty satisfied. My bark seems to be ok while cooking, but I foil wrap my meats so it tends to be a moot point. Next time I do a butt I’m going to try butcher paper to see if it’s better

  2. I noticed another user comment on wrist rest wobble, but I haven't noticed any myself. I use a deskmat typically so that would probably hide any minor wobble, but even testing it on my hardwood floor it seems fine.

  3. Lol that other user was probably me. I’ve tried rewarding it back with no luck.

  4. After carrying a P365X for a year now I'm switching back to the G43X so I support this idea.

  5. Good deal, I am new to react as well. Godspeed on your journey.

  6. Really loving it so far! Just put some Akko caps and the glorious panda switches in it and it feels incredible

  7. Prolly an unpopular opinion but I really hate the second “B” key. My hatred of it is only exaggerated by the fact that there is an additional function key right below it. As someone who types properly (left hand B) it makes it hard purchase. The second B on Alice/arisu layouts I typically use as a function key.

  8. Yeah, I havent used the 'B' key on the right side yet, I too use the left hand for that. I've gotten better with the fn2 key right next to the spacebar. At first I was worried I was going to be accidentally hitting it all the time but I've gotten more used to it in like an hour of use, and I'm sure it will get better. I might try to find another use for the B key in the future, maybe some kind of macro or even better, the tilde and backtick. Im not a huge fan of doing fn1 + escape for the backtick, especially when coding.

  9. So far so good! Pleasantly surprised with the quality; tbh I’ve heard mixed things about Keychron’s boards, but personally I think it’s a great bang for the buck.

  10. Mine should be in tomorrow. I got the black version with the knob. I really can’t wait. At work I use the Microsoft ergo keyboard so I’m hoping the transition isn’t too bad.

  11. I’m waiting for a few reviews before I jump on this. I really mis having an Alice layout.

  12. You have to make a post! I’m really curious about what you think of it

  13. I don't know too much about keebs tbh. fairly new. I have a K8 and a GMMK Pro, but I'd be happy to createa post and answer any questions that I can!

  14. I’m also not great. Usually play at Patty. I have the next 2 weeks pretty open to play as well

  15. Perfect, I’ve played there once already and really enjoyed it, would love to play again

  16. Awesome! I’ll try to play a couple of times this week and next. I’ll message you when I’m thinking of going.

  17. Thanks for the idea. I actually still have an Apple Magic Mouse & Keyboard but I don’t really like them. I’ll probably get a Razer Basilisk Ultimate (one cable less! Yeah!) and a Mode 65 with PBT Notion Keycaps but gotta wait for that until November unfortunately. Therefore I’m using the Blackwidow in the meantime.

  18. Nice! I just ordered the keychron Q8 and I’m super excited for that to come in. Love keychron for having the Mac shortcuts and symbols on their keyboards

  19. Trying to get a job as a web developer is hell right now. Makes me want to die. I worked in the industry for 10yrs and now I can't get back in. It feels like I've been blacklisted.

  20. I’m trying to get in as a front end right now and now I’m just terrified that my time investment is gone to shit

  21. Did you ever find any? I’m also looking. Only ones I see are the beats earbuds but I’m not too high on those

  22. Not really, the AirPods Pro still seem to have the best, no pressure almost like normal, transparency mode. I’ve tried a few other earbuds with decent transparency but the comfort just isn’t as good and the transparency is still a bit fish bowl sounding or closed off. While they might not be the best sounding, I still think the AirPods Pro just have some of the best features, comfort, and decent sound overall compared to any other earbuds. I don’t care how good another pair of earbuds sound, comfort should definitely be a huge consideration.

  23. Yeah I used to hate in ears until I tried and bought the AirPods Pro. I just hated the pressure build up I felt in my ears that they produced. AirPods are now my favorite set of headphones that I own, unfortunately my PC just doesn’t like them at all which is why I’ve been looking. Seems like a feature that more companies should add to their headphones.

  24. You mention yoga in there. Is there a particular type that you were doing or one we should avoid?


  26. whats the thing hanging from the roof?

  27. Easy. I don’t. I write everything down and then forget where I wrote it down.

  28. The position I accepted starts at $45k/yr USD. Not bad for Colorado, a lot of the entry level jobs I've seen here are around $16-20/hr.

  29. I’m in the Springs. Glad to hear you were able to find something. A lot of what I see is either DoD jobs or like you said $16-20 an hour.

  30. Yes! There are so many clearance jobs around the Springs it's crazy. Nobody willing to sponsor either with so much Military in the area. How are you liking your bootcamp? I'm looking to try The Odin Project myself.

  31. Im a little underwhelmed with the bootcamp. Im going through Nucamp right now and its cheap, but I guess you get what you pay for.

  32. I like it so far however I’m getting into cloud security. This is just a steppingstone for that. The sack plus in the net plus aren’t too hard. I did a Boot Camp to get those certifications. It took me about four months.

  33. Nice! Sounds like a solid career path. Which boot camp did you attend for that?

  34. Honestly I started completely new! If you already have experience I think you could probably just study up. I did a local one called Centriq Training. But it was pretty expensive.

  35. Very cool. Ok yeah I’ll just use Messer and some books to get me through.

  36. Prior to this cook— had only cooked for a max of 20 people. Should be the exact same for 700 people, right??

  37. Your dog kinda looks like Jesus

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