1. Reddit really shouldn't allow users under the age of 21

  2. Which version of him, the different designs of Godzilla are also different Godzillas who have different feats, strengths, and weaknesses.

  3. He would whip every single version excluding maby god amped Godzilla from hell and fully evolved Godzilla Ultima.

  4. If by era, should be Ultraman Great instead of Tiga for Heisei

  5. Overseas works are not counted in japanese eras.

  6. Yeah since people watch these movies because it has Godzilla on it and not because they are good movies with good history and characters (the sad truth). Unless Toho actually made a good movie regardless if it was a Rodan or Varan movie then it probably wouldnt flop, but i doubt they will ever do that, they dont have the balls anymore. Those Rebirth of Mothra movies are probably what caused this even tough they clearly didnt even try with those.

  7. Strangely the Rebirth of Mothra movies made more money than the gamera heisei movies.

  8. The cringe ass fanboys who only care about vs battles and jerk off to any random statement, to make their favorite Godzilla the strongest.

  9. Anyone saying that the citizens deaths in nexus are gruesome grew up with Tiga or new gen and have never watched any showa era shows.

  10. Showa is... weird. Taro wasn't that very well recieved at first for its goofier nature alienating the older fans watching, so they made Leo darker... and the kids hated it for that

  11. Leos problem wasn’t the audience, it was the oil crisis. Leo had higher TV ratings than any other Ultraman show that came after it. Most toku shows suffered from the oil crisis.

  12. Fuckers a goddamn real life neighborhood boogey man. Candyman ass lookin motherfucker

  13. But remember. The candyman guy was actually wrongfully murdered which is the reason why he became the candyman in the first place. Does this mean that this guy is actually innocent?!

  14. Hopefully the possible rumors of Criterion doing a Heisei set similar to the Showa set are true. Recent screenings of Biolante & some other film in that series had the Janus Films logo beforehand. Janus is Criterion.

  15. Would honestly suprise me since the heisei movies don’t have the same historical, cultural or cinematic qualities that the showa movies have. It wouldn’t fit at all into what criterion generally releases. (art house stuff)

  16. Almost certainly Spidey Super Stories, a comic aimed at younger children.

  17. Same run where the Thanoscopter originated from. It feels like the DC silver age.

  18. If you mean G98, then we wouldve never gotten that kickass cartoon and I'd say less people would answer "yes" to the question "Do you know Godzilla?". We also wouldn't have the scene from Final Wars unless Toho designed their own "Amerizilla" like Akibaranger and the Powerful Rangers to parody.

  19. Thank good that no one even knows what MST3K is outside of america.

  20. I'm outside the US and I know it but that's because it's how my girlfriend knows about Godzilla. :P

  21. I mean the "normal" volks who aren’t fanboys like us. I’ve never heard anyone talking about that show ever excluding americans.

  22. Kamoebas is in the trash tier. Even Oodako should be far stronger.

  23. Destroyah is double the size if Iris. He will fucking stomp the shit out of her. Seriously, she would look like a literal midget next to him.

  24. Why would they let such treasured props rot away in this condition? Do not they know that there are collectors and museums out there who would pay millions of pounds for even one of these? They would keep them in mint condition too..this is just so upsetting to me..

  25. They do that themselves now. This picture is very old and the suit has rotten away a long time ago.

  26. There isn’t an official DVD of Ultraman Leo or are you talking about the blu ray release?

  27. W take. Godzilla movies are really fun to watch. But the script, editing and acting of most of them is really weak.

  28. More like the shitty english dub. The acting isn’t bad. Atleast not in the 60s showa movies.

  29. These 3 are probably now unusable. They got replaced by endless Aribunta re-appearances.

  30. I don’t think so. Tsuburaya mainly aimes at the ultras who move the most merch. Nexus was a huge flop back then, so it seems unlikely.

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