1. Why did I have to scroll so far down to see this?!

  2. I buy the blue one as I only use it for coffee and don’t like flavored coffees. 🤷

  3. This sounds like it’ll end marvelously!

  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/EatCheapAndHealthy/comments/oj51ia/costco_chickens_are_crazy_versatile/

  5. That is weird looking. Is that not a chemtrail?

  6. Yum. Never heard of a yoghurt recipe. Could you share the recipe?

  7. Because it’s a hive mentality. A few people with that personal belief shared their views on here, and it grew to be the “cool” thing to say. Like “All apple products are awful” or “anything Israel does it evil.” I don’t believe it’s an opinion shared by the majority, but people just give enough of a shit to counter.

  8. Just ask why was this started. And then you find out the trend of chopping of the nerve endings of childrens penises was started by Mr. Kellogg. Yes the cereal guy. And he started the trend to stop boys from jerking off. That is all

  9. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/kelloggs-corn-flakes-masturbation/

  10. Right? It’s my favorite cheese ever.

  11. Artie is a walking breathing Zit. Personally don’t give a shit about this guy.

  12. Maybe, but he was one of the funniest parts of the show back then. I love Howard, and have listened to him for 20+ years, but Artie was by far my favorite character and made the show so much funnier. That said, I can imagine he was a huge PITA to work with.

  13. Turn it upside down and then you’ll realize that there are two ankles and feet with toes pointing away from you. Also, those are the smoothest heels I’ve seen on a person over 6 months old!

  14. Been using the same Braun grinder for twenty-eight years, whole bean is FAR superior IMHO. I just store the beans in an airtight container at room temp, I go through them fast enough they don't get stale.

  15. This is the answer. I bought one off of Amazon a decade ago and have used it every day since. I think it cost me $15 at the time.

  16. I’m so sorry, he was beautiful! Here is something that really helped me when my old dog passed.

  17. How dare they want to make me pay them for something I want to consume of theirs!

  18. Technically it’s both. But this pic doesn’t belong in

  19. Well, since Universal Studios is in Florida, I guess the title is accurate. The big question here is the why is this in

  20. South Africa… once again on the wrong side of history!

  21. Every now, and then I see an original funny response that makes me laugh. Today, I owe that honor to you, sir! (Even if you stole it. IDC.)

  22. He’s lying. He knew it was you. He remembers. Shrooms is a good story. Probably got it out of his system and now doesn’t want to have that difficult conversation or drama. So yeah… that man is getting away with what he wants and making the woman think it was her doing. In Joey Tribbiani’s words “ This man is my God”

  23. This is exactly what I thought when I read the post (minus the Joey Tribbiani bit)

  24. Around here at least, there are auctions for big boxes of random stuff-returned items/clearance items off Amazon so you don’t know what you are going to get until you buy it. They usually sale for around $25-$40, obviously the bigger boxes tend to go for more because there may be more expensive things inside. I’ve had family end up with several kindle fires in one and outdoor furniture in another. Sometimes you just get cheap crap but it’s like a grown up goody bag.

  25. Love that you found each other. What is the mischievous puppy's name?

  26. Thanks. His name is Bruce. (Wife is a big Springsteen fan.)

  27. So cute! Glad he has a good family now! What are you thinking for names?

  28. Bruce! (Wife is a big Springsteen fan!)

  29. Unfortunately, both chicken and pork are meats that do not reheat well because they undergo further chemical reactions. They develop a metallic taste. The only work around is to use a strong flavored sauce to mask the flavor. Or, eat them cold or room temperature .

  30. Wow, I really appreciate this response. I’ve always wondered why I love proteins (chicken, turkey, etc) when first cooked, but absolutely hate them when they are reheated. Thanks!

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