1. “Studies have shown” we are gonna need a way bigger sample than in the middle of a global pandemic

  2. Split up open wheel and Tintop IR, and figure out a way to make RX more popular.

  3. Knew a dude who built a tow behind trailer completely out of 2x4’s and was blown away when he diesel golf wouldn’t tow it above 40 mph.

  4. Till you put dents in your work boots. Gotta do what you gotta do

  5. Luckily these are old winter boots that have served their original purpose. And now serving a new one!

  6. Clutch user. Use it most road races, anytime I am leaving from a stop. Nice to drop the hammer and get spun around the right direction. Same with rally x, best way to launch and help get going again.

  7. Lots of the trades around here are slowly starting to pay their people correctly, but still behind the times. So there’s limited amount of people willing to be paid under their worth (perceived or not). Pretty sure running your own business here could be insanely lucrative if you get the right clientele.

  8. Did you park on top of the lip meant to stop you from driving over them?

  9. Can’t consistently choose between capital letters and lower case. I think higher ed can help with that kind of thing.

  10. Of the “1000’s of hipsters” I don’t think many of those have the capacity to build a bathroom, and why would they? I fail to see the point of taxes if we also need to do all the work to improve our community through volunteer work.

  11. Been riding down hill for 3 years and just swapped rear pads out. So this is something I assumed was impossible. Obviously pad material is the determining factor

  12. It’s me, I’m tired of waiting on people who can’t drive. If the old lady could do it, I’m not sure why you couldn’t.

  13. All you can eat kremlings at your local pub, only 1 sky mark.

  14. Not all windshields are the same. So a little more information would be helpful. Make and model is a solid start. 97 Honda civic windshield 50 bucks. 2023 anything with Heated wipers, HUD, forward facing cameras etc all weigh in on the cost of your windshield and labor to replace it.

  15. Gosh I guess a 2016 is old, newest car I’ve got is 03 and 93. The 03 still “feels new” to me lol.

  16. And the older I get the more I realize NOBODY knows what the fuck is actually going on day to day.

  17. The only reason we are here is to collect experiences. You aren’t going to do that working your ass off and skipping out on the free time you have to explore.

  18. cranks, you can survive that without fallin, but fork is much more concerning indeed

  19. well yeah, depends where, if you're doing an mtb parcours you definitely don't want that to happen

  20. True I always think in terms of worst case. You could get lucky, but seems it’s always worst case in my experience.

  21. If you have a male pollinate a female, the seeds will be a mix of males and females.

  22. Sounds like bullshit, but so far this seems accurate in my experience.

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