1. Is it? I can't think of another sport that would stop for a record.

  2. Baseball did it with Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds record, as well as McGuire’s single season record. I’m sure there’s more that I’m missing too.

  3. It’s something at least. If Gilliland will take my $5 of sponsorship money for the ride I’ll gladly give it

  4. Pleasantly surprised at how much this sub seems to like Gilliland. Honestly thought for most fans he wasn’t really on their radar.

  5. Really thought Todd had a solid season last year in the 38. Pretty bummed by this as my flair would indicate.

  6. “Todd Gilliland will run full time in the 38 this year”

  7. I respect the 5:20 AM analytical deep dive.

  8. Hype!! And the livery looks like it’s going to be clean too

  9. The 34 and 38 after running out of fuel due to the 100 cautions 😐

  10. Gilly just can’t get out of the clusterfuck of spins and wrecks tonight huh

  11. One of the 10 checking in :) both series are great in their own ways.

  12. These helmet cams are great at showing how bumpy these race tracks are and how much the car bounces around. It’s not like on the video games 😂

  13. Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t the helmet cam views a bit more bumpy then what your actually eye would perceive?

  14. Not in this footage. Believe it or not, I thought my camera smoothed out the footage quite well, which of course makes the bumps not look as bad or aggressive as they seem.

  15. Neat, I stand corrected. Was curious about this, so thanks for setting the record straight.

  16. Honestly just go harder than you think you can and then hold on to it. You can’t drop 5 splits out of nowhere, but committing to numbers that get you sub 7 and following through is all that it takes.

  17. All of the worst performed 2Ks I’ve ever seen followed this exact strategy.

  18. “Going harder than you think you can” and “committing to realistic numbers” contradict each other.

  19. The story about a homeless man holding a bus hostage at cumpoint wasn't the Dave Chappelle story that tipped you off?

  20. “Rush him! He can’t cum on all of us!”

  21. The steam loading screen sound would be heat

  22. New to this sport. Before the season I decided to support Porsche because they looked like underdogs and I recognised Wehrlein from F1, now I just look like a bandwagoner

  23. I’m in the exact same boat no joke. Pegged Porsche as my team a few months ago after seeing Wehrlein from F1 and reading their last few years of slow and steady progress.

  24. Wehrlein looks like such a polished but aggressive driver so far. Porsche may have something this year 🤞

  25. There's certainly some shortcomings with the system but absolutely nothing you listed is one of them..

  26. That’s great but that “fair metric” you made up is not what the majority of managers go by and reward/punish you for either making or not.

  27. You don't understand how stats works lol. Average time per car factors in all of the edge scenarios that you listed. You don't need to break them out into their own stats, it all gets rolled up. There will be times where outliers occur, but if your store consistently has "bad hours" or "bad days" then it's on you, assuming the metric set was reasonable based on data.

  28. Assuming the metric set was reasonable is a very important point there. And of course if your store has bad days every day and is way above the goal, then something with that specific restaurant isn’t working.

  29. If you are in an aggressive caloric deficit and losing weight rapidly while not specifically training your muscles you are likely to lose some muscle mass.

  30. Yeah, I’d try upping it. Don’t have to go to 200 right away but even 150 if that’s too big of a jump dietary wise.

  31. It's 100% the same motion too. People say things like "I don't know what I would do if ____." When Joe Carter is through-the-roof happy, this is what he does.

  32. That sentence was very Jon Bois - esque to me

  33. Not just first South African, but first player born on continental Africa to reach the majors. Born and raised too.

  34. I can, at worst, vaguely remember most of the random dudes who played a few games for the Jays.

  35. I think I could remember or at least recall every single player from 2015 onwards, except this dude.

  36. Like others have commented:

  37. Is this an agreeable “smaller hall” HOF ballot?

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