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  1. Makes sense that other wife isn’t present, she’s calculating the tip

  2. https://instagram.com/kss0x?igshid=MjljNjAzYmU=

  3. I wish there were hardtop options, and options to get rid of vinyl tops on older cars.

  4. Hardtop options on the AP1 and NA6 would be awesome

  5. That'd be a motorcycle, surely...

  6. What’s the reference, I don’t get it

  7. Expected. Character with one of the kits ever and Cyno who shouldn’t have been rerun so soon and also kinda sucks.

  8. Ya’ll cowards don’t even eat Aunt Myrna’s party cheese salad.

  9. Ah yes, from the Sultan of Salmonella himself, Cooking With Jack

  10. Thank you for being a decent player, rather than echoing the sentiment in the original post.

  11. I hope you enjoy having her, even with all the flaws. If she makes you happy, that is all you need!

  12. I thoroughly enjoy having her, despite all her flaws. She’s beautifully designed and her personality is amazing. I can suffice with dealing less damage, she sparks joy either way.

  13. Lithuania ran its mouth early in the escalation and found out. This is going to Kaliningrad. Ukraine is folding in their effort. If Russia wins decisively quicker than anticipated, then expect a major build up on the Suwalki corridor. It will be the 2020 Armenian War all over again.

  14. Jesse what the fuck are you talking about

  15. I’ve been hearing “final warnings” all my life and it’s fucking demeaning that myself as an individual, who’s already been taking steps to conserve what we have left since I’ve been a kid, isn’t going to change much on a larger scale. At this rate, headlines like this are just glorified doom-posting just because “scientists say” is included in the headline in some fashion. Damn and blast, cocking Nora.

  16. and nothing ever comes true lol. Arctic and Northern Hemisphere total sea ice is steady for the past 19 years

  17. I’d prefer looking at empirical research that’s been peer reviewed by other scientists rather than some website which looks like it was done as my 8th grade computer class where we had to make a website using HTML. Thanks.

  18. The wojaks are spreading. We're already too late as a species....

  19. Sounds like you’re trying to justify living in the USSR

  20. Dude Albania is a super based US ally and NATO participant. Like extremely based they have a statue of Clinton and shit. Stop being ignorant and hateful america and Albania are like best friends


  22. Man no votes for Valentino’s pizza? It’s amazing.

  23. Man every time I’ve gotten here I’ve felt sick afterward. Food’s pretty aight otherwise.

  24. Didn’t even know these existed prior to today. Neat

  25. She's been here at Eielson AFB for about two weeks. All us Airmen got to take a tour of the aircraft on Thursday she is a beauty

  26. Envious. One was coming on approach to the local naval base while I was driving home from school and watching it come in was badass. Such a cool looking aircraft.

  27. Dude used to do these dubs of Anthony Sullivan ads back in the day, the delivery always cracked me up.

  28. I didn’t even know the Gloryhole Repair was done by him until recently, that shit was hilarious when I first discovered it

  29. “You absolute fucking dummy” remains the greatest insult I’ve ever heard

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