1. As someone that has worked the last five years in a mall I can tell you that my hate for them is immense. Mall people have some of the worst drivers that don't know how to follow traffic signs and a lot of my coworkers have gotten in car accidents in the mall thanks to people that don't know how to stop at stop signs. It's a joyless environment the more time you spend in them.

  2. It was not an easy game by any means. I put hours into this game and ended up getting pretty far, but I never used a player guide or walkthrough so I never beat it. But it was a surprisingly good game for the time considering how crappy some movie/tv show games were most of this time

  3. Yup video games were very unforgiving back then for sure. Games like Ecco and Altered Beast I got to play again as an adult to finally beat em.

  4. Between Willow and Who Framed Roger Rabbit pioneering saves, I was stressed as a kid lol

  5. Who Framed Roger Rabbit on NES was the first video game I ever played! ๐Ÿฅน

  6. Great news! A single player Phantasy Star would be on the top of my wish list.

  7. My girlfriend knew a few friends back in her high school that have died in car accidents. I knew a coworker that got killed while crossing the road, and another one that was driving drunk and ended up driving his car into a lake.

  8. I have a desk job and in proximity to other people and I truly wish I could work from home instead. I'm tired of sitting close to people that whisper to themselves all the time or make weird groaning noises for no reason, so I have to constantly listen to Spotify to mask the noise. It's distracting and there's no benefit to it.

  9. Go see Super Mario Bros and John Wick!!! Take the kids to both

  10. And take them to see Dungeons and Dragons! Great family enjoyment!

  11. We went to see the Mario Bros. movie at a 9:30 showing and the theater was almost as packed as this one ๐Ÿ’ช

  12. Imagine having nothing of importance going on in your life than having the need to harass a VA. Utterly pathetic lives.

  13. The first RE I played was the first Resident Evil the director's cut on PS1. I was around 13 and specifically asked my brother for any cute platforming game for Christmas. He instead got me Resident Evil lol Too terrifying for me back then but I'm grateful he is the reason I'm a huge fan of the games since the first one.

  14. Hard to choose a favorite but I'll go with Resident Evil 1 on the GameCube

  15. If you like fantasy shows I recommend Willow (2022). Two awesome lesbian characters in it.

  16. We can all agree it's definitely not intelligence but I love her one braincell.

  17. Wait, is it her braincell or Elora's? Who has custody today?

  18. Elora has it Fridays through Sundays so that Kit can use the one braincell to perform basic royal duties Monday through Thursday.

  19. Video game tester and freelance artist

  20. JVNT says:

    Even if she signed one, it may not be enforceable depending on where they are and what the agreement is. Some states won't enforce them at all and they can also get thrown out for being unreasonable. For example, if it says she can't work anywhere, and doesn't just say she can't work in their specific industry, that would likely be considered unreasonable.

  21. Interesting. The company is in Washington State. Forgot to mention that.

  22. Ep. 7 was visually beautiful and I loved the journey across the sea and the group's resilience.

  23. "don't have fun". got it. Does the neighborhood nearby have sidewalks? It'd be pretty sad if it was one of those without sidewalks and this was the only place you could walk

  24. There's a sidewalk and in one direction it abruptly ends and the other direction leads to a road with heavy traffic.

  25. I also didn't get the trophy for defeating the final boss ๐Ÿ˜ฃ hoping there's a fix soon for trophy glitches.

  26. Yup! you'll get to use that form by choosing Randomize :)

  27. are you on console? im pretty sure you cant have 2 healing bays on PC

  28. Oh that's weird. I'm playing on PS4 and never had an issue placing more than one healing bay.

  29. Yup. Trust me, as soon as I'm able to I'll just rely on bikes and public transportation. Owning a car has brought me no happiness

  30. My QA department is severely underpaid and wages have not gone up at all. Higher ups have only given us donuts as a thank you for our hard work . And everyone is too scared to speak up about the issues when I ask them about their experience at work. It's a hostile environment and even after asking to sit down to talk about a raise, I've been ignored and have gotten nowhere with talks, even after being one of the top testers we have.

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