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  1. What a joke. Give themselves a 9.9 to avoid the backlash of giving themselves a perfect 10, then go on to rate as a 5, below multiple exchanges I’ve personally never heard of

  2. holds 20% of its reserves in Shiba Inu and wasted around a billion dollars on ads so people keep buying their Ponzi token. This is financially irresponsible beyond comprehension. In my opinion they deserve a 1 out of 10.

  3. Alles so harmlose Antworten. Auftragsmörder, Fahrer von Epstein, Nachrichtendienstagent, Zuhälter, Mario Draghi

  4. Posts like this make me realize we have not hit a bottom yet.

  5. I don't get it. It's not like he bought some monkey jpeg or a dog coin. When people buy that kind of crap it's an indication that the bottom isn't near. His decision was rational and not hype driven. BTC at 16k isn't a bad deal at all.

  6. Based on the fact that people were buying at 69k and we have already dropped over 76%. We really went from "Maybe we will hold support at the 50 week?" No. "We will find support around the Summer lows at 29k." No. "We will surely find support at the 200 week bitcoin was never went below it for more than a few weeks." No. "Bitcoin will find support at 20k it has never gone below the ATH from last cycle." to "There's no way 15.5k was the bottom". We could of course go lower but almost nobody will manage to buy at the exact bottom so buying now is a good idea.

  7. Neither does Germany. If you hodl for a year, you'll also pay no tax on your crypto gains.

  8. I still have some paper Bitcoin left from early 2021. I didn't understood what I bought at the time. I won't sell it at these ridiculously low prices, but during the next bull market I'm trying to sell it near the top and then DCA into real BTC. I'm not going to sell the Bitcoin that I actually own until I have to buy something really important.

  9. What kind of paper BTC? GBTC?

  10. Waiting here for my trezor

  11. Just use a non custodial software wallet until your hardware arrives.

  12. Some people think white people can't be victims of racism. So they question reality whenever their worldview is challenged.

  13. What if just one of those copies is seen by someone else? Bye bye money.

  14. Andrew Tate. This guy came out of nowhere and all of the sudden his clips are getting pushed by everywhere algorithm.

  15. You can look at all of Coinbase financial records. Coinbase is a publicly traded US company. You can see everything. Still, get a wallet for gods sake.

  16. Wirecard was a publicly traded company as well. At it's peak it had a market cap of $27 billion. They had questionable accounting practices for years but most investors didn't notice it until it was too late. Maybe US traded companies are supervised more closely but there's always a chance for fraudulent accounting activities etc.

  17. BlueWallet it's a hot wallet but at least it's a Bitcoin only wallet. A lot of wallets try to get fancy by adding functionality for 100+ shitcoins. All that unnecessary code makes them less secure.

  18. Stiumulus checks aren't actually that bad. Because they generally go to working people unlike quantitave easing which overwhelmingly profits affluent elites (Cantillon Effect). Of course they both lead to inflation, but at least stimulus checks reduce inequality.

  19. Have some empathy dude, tons of people just lost their savings ...

  20. It was never theirs to begin with. They sent their BTC to an address they did not control, because they were too arrogant and greedy to listen to the simplest principles of Bitcoin.

  21. To be fair to Ben he's been saying all year to stay away from alts.

  22. The problem for me (22M, NW2) is that it's not common, wherever I look my peers have a perfect head of hairs, and ye there are some with the same or worse hairline than mine, but I REALLY have to look for them.

  23. You'll never be satisfied if you're constantly comparing yourself regardless of your looks

  24. Once you get to know people. Most people judge each other within seconds of seeing each other for the first time. You can change the first impression afterwards but it is still disadvantageous.

  25. Christianity and Judaism forbid none of these. Alcohol isn't allowed in Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam, but everything else is allowed as well.

  26. Why shouldn't they? I'm sure being a single mom works for some, but unless the boyfriend is a problematic person it is generally easier to raise a child together.

  27. If we don't have fiat, what will BTC be priced against? The dollar dies, the planet dies.

  28. If we don't have sea shell money, what will Gold be priced against? If shell money dies, the planet dies.

  29. Das sagt auch kein Schwanz, aber deutsche Reddit Nutzer kriegen immer direkt nen Harten, wenn irgendwo Deutschland erwähnt wird und upvoten jeden Müll.

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