1. Look, of course you are fortunate to have your babies and of course you love them, but you DO NOT have to "think positive" if you're not ready to. Be sad! Get mad! That feeling of having your choices taken away is brutal and it's not your job to pretend otherwise. Your feelings are valid and completely reasonable.

  2. Okay, it helps prevent cancer. You know what helps cancer spread?

  3. I did try that and it semi worked but I actually got to see the doctor today and we figured out the problem! Turns out baby doesn’t like the shield anymore and was crying when he tried to latch without it because it’s hard for him to get my nipple in his mouth!

  4. Yay, I'm so glad something is working for you! I hope your journey from here is smoother :)

  5. I know it’s been awhile since I posted this but I just wanted to say thank you so much for the sizing help! It honestly saved my breastfeeding journey. I ordered the flange insert that you linked and now every morning I’m getting 4-6oz per breast and a good 5-6oz any other time I pump! It’s helped bring back my supply and help make a frozen stash for when I go back to work. Thank you so much!

  6. OMG! You made my day sharing this. I'm so happy for you and so glad I could help 🤗

  7. 8-10x daily is for exclusive pumpers. You should be safe at 6 ppd as long as two conditions are met: baby is successful in getting milk when you breastfeed directly, and those direct sessions are happening every day.

  8. Because this is such a radical departure in behavior, I suspect that your husband is dealing with some postpartum anxiety. It does happen to men, and it's something he needs to work through. He can ask you for support in dealing with it, but blaming you for it is unfair to you, unhelpful to him, and unhealthy for your marriage.

  9. I am breastfeeding, that is so good to know. I really hadn’t considered the fact that I could be associated with food so early on! There is milk on 100% of my clothes, pretty much all the time, so I’m sure he can smell it on me.

  10. It seems to be very case by case. The belly band exacerbated my postpartum pelvic floor issues, and I had to get rid of it; a cousin and my SIL didn't feel it had any particular effect; and two more cousins and my best friend refused to walk around without one while their babies were newborns.

  11. I'm very pro-fluoride-- my mom had all her adult teeth in before fluoride was standard, and her issues with her teeth are nothing short of terrifying. Her sisters got fluoride treatments in childhood and have what you'd consider normal teeth. So I am a believer. All that said, the guidance for babies is basically incoherent (as you have noticed), so for now we're using a hydroxyapatite toothpaste. It has very solid research backing it up and seems to be equal to fluoride in terms of efficacy, but you don't have to worry about baby inevitably eating some.

  12. This is helpful. do you have a brand you would recommend?

  13. I understand your point, but unfortunately I’m eating 500 over a number that’s already higher than the calories I normally burn in a day. 😥 thank you for your kind words. I really am trying my best to do everything I can for my baby. Just suffering inside a little with myself.

  14. 500 extra a day is just an average. Average intake for a baby is also 24 oz. That means a LOT of babies (like mine) need more, and thus, so do their moms!

  15. The world is full of people who mistake laughing at the pain of others for having a sense of humor. Unfortunately, these people frequently have children.

  16. FWIW, the "ew" face is common and doesn't actually mean ew!

  17. My son still wakes up once each night at 11 months old. Waiting until your baby sleeps through the night might keep you and hubby apart for a year (or more).

  18. Your husband is approaching the situation as one for him to fix, right now, but what you need is for him to provide emotional support (which will eventually enable you to fix it on your own time).

  19. Deep breath. You are not a horrible person. You are alone and struggling, and it's having an impact on your ability to cope. That is VERY normal. But to your baby, you are just as perfect as she is to you, and she needs you. She is not better off without you. You are the whole world in her eyes.

  20. https://www.parents.com/news/cannabis-while-breastfeeding-study/

  21. Important to note that this study, while reassuring with regard to physical outcomes, did not look at neurological outcomes. This is what concerns most medical professionals about cannabis use by pregnant and nursing parents, as exposure in childhood and adolescence has been shown to impact brain development.

  22. Breastfeeding (because pumping is breastfeeding!) is a relationship. A relationship has to work for ALL parties involved to continue. If it's not working for you anymore, it needs to end.

  23. I put half-consumed bottles of breastmilk back in the fridge for the next meal, and I know this isn't uncommon among pumping moms. We've never had any problems.

  24. First of all, when you pump for your baby they are getting breastmilk, so that's breastfeeding! Nursing and pumping are the two methods of breastfeeding.

  25. My personal best is about 24 oz. This was back when I was still on my MOTN pump, on those occasions when I accidentally slept through my pump time because my son did. It always made for a painful morning. These days my top output at one time is 18oz, always in the morning since I don't pump overnight.

  26. Sleeping continuously isn't a thing, even for adults. We all wake briefly in the night between sleep cycles here and there. The key is that we put ourselves back to sleep without needing help (frequently, this happens so quickly that we don't even remember waking).

  27. Get an exercise ball, the kind that's meant for an adult to sit on, and give him bouncy tummy time there. It's also great because you can vary the angle to make it easier on him. Here's a

  28. Then he just loses it on me. Gets mad if I don't answer when he calls

  29. That isn't a healthy or appropriate way to treat a partner, and it's a really bad example for him to be setting for your children.

  30. What if you dropped to 1 ppd and used that milk for a daily bath through the end of your 12th month? I know it's not the same, but it would still take you to a year of nurturing baby with your milk.

  31. It looks like he has a serious case of preciouspumpkinitis. Be warned: this often leads to cutiepatootism in childhood.

  32. Guess How Much I Love You: the heartwarming tale of a supposed adult who is nevertheless obsessed with one-upping a child. THEIR child. Just why?

  33. YES. Fucking Rainbow Fish. "Remember, kids, being different is for suckers. Try self-mutilation for external validation instead!"

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