1. I really enjoyed this video and hope many folks watch it.

  2. https://twitter.com/Kanthan2030/status/1640965482063998976

  3. Yes, I did say this a month ago.

  4. Gotta start somewhere, then get others to do the same.

  5. Good Post! I knew you could do it without a long paragraph instead of a title.

  6. Is it wrong to steal from thieves? Let's start with a reality-check:

  7. What? I don't get your point.

  8. Well, you asked what's to be done to dislodge them, right? The first step, as always, is psychological; they're depending on a tradition of legal legitimacy they have no actual claim to, that they themselves have destroyed.

  9. There's Big Trouble in WEF Paradise.

  10. Yes. Follow jacinda Ardern and Nicola Sturgeon out the door. Olaf Sholtz, you're next.

  11. Horrible. This is one country where a regime change would be a very good idea.

  12. Because he is an American Politician.

  13. Biden Blew up the Nord Stream pipeline. This also means that

  14. https://t.me/levigodman/8073

  15. Hence the growing fears of a dirty bomb false flag incident. The U.S. doesn't have anything credible left to throw at Russia other than nukes.

  16. "We are the danger," as Walter Whitre told his wife in Breaking Bad.

  17. Ukraine has no satellites, AWACS aircraft or surveillance drones capable of surveilling inside Russia. So NATO, but really USA, uses their military and civilian satellites, drones and AWACS to feed a real-time stream of surveillance data to Ukraine, processed through dozens of data centers all over NATOstan to identify all Russian hardware, troops, troop movements, aircraft in the air and missile launches.

  18. The info on how deeply enmeshed the US is with Ukraine surveillance is eyeopening. The Ukrainian forces have all this info and they are still losing so many troops.

  19. These are not small regional banks. These were banks that are niche and worked with VCs or high net worth individuals.

  20. The CA bank SVB, was a regional bank but the NYC Sovereign Bank was a larger bank. Number 40 in the country.

  21. If one is posting a link it’s the only way to grab eyeballs.

  22. IMHO that would be a shame.

  23. You are way out over your skis on this one,

  24. Who knows where the time goes

  25. One and the same---warmongers dominate both parties

  26. When was last time neocons didn't get their way? The American people had no interest in the war in Syria and we're occupying a 1/3 of the country.

  27. I should have added the snark sign to my headline.

  28. More bullshit U.S. propaganda for the blue sheep.

  29. Yes. This is what you invent when all the real news is dismal for your side.

  30. Garland's hat tells a clearer story

  31. This story is not going away.

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