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  1. Marriage burn out with a 4 month old? My house looked like a pig sty for at least a few months while I was breast feeding all my babies. Thankfully my husband helped when he was home as did my parents when they could. I was EXHAUSTED and touched out. Is your wife mentioning that in counseling?

  2. She only called me when she needed something from me. Any time I called her she was unavailable.

  3. I live in the border, they do LOL! As an American, we can’t cross and anchor in Canadian water without calling their customs to declare ourselves and go through the process. It’s a pain.

  4. They arrest you. You’re taken into custody by Canadian Customs.

  5. What kind of information are you looking for? I’m a trainer going into peri menopause and other than my BS in Exercise Science I haven’t actually seen a course specifically for this. Do you have concerns about working with menopausal women?

  6. She’s going through menopause, it’s not a disease. There’s not much to change about a pt program for her. Just be mindful that if she’s still getting hot flashes, she might need to rest a bit more and stay hydrated.

  7. I had reduced movements in two of my babies and they were both born still. They were very active one day and nothing the next. It happened so fast.

  8. Thank you. It’s been a rough go to have my 3 living kiddos. 14 pregnancies total. But it was all worth it. It’s taught me to trust my body.

  9. I live on Grand Island. The KOA is small and is on the main Blvd. it’s not a really great walkable area. You’re not near the Niagara River at all- in fact you’re right outside the business district across the street from a really shady motel and auto repair place. There’s a reason it’s so cheap. And, people forget, there are cashless tolls crossing to the island. Every time you leave and come back it’s going to cost you.

  10. I love your work! Your painting “Release” is my absolute favorite followed closely by “Kings Street”. Gorgeous!! I’m saving up!!

  11. We actually do this every year on purpose! Last year our pumpkin plant got so big it stretched across our lawn and started growing on our fence. Enjoy your pumpkins!

  12. That’s goin’ to be one giant grass hairball.

  13. Awww! That little ear wiggle!!

  14. Remember to not eat green tea on an empty stomach because the tannins will make you nauseous and then throw up. I know from experience 😭

  15. This is true for black tea with me too.

  16. I can smell the cigarette smoke from here (born in the 70’s).

  17. I have a 12 year old son too. These are some of the things we do: Old Fort Niagara

  18. That’s absolutely gorgeous!!!

  19. I’m American. We had a house on Lake Erie in Canada. We sold it because getting there was such a hassle since Covid. We weren’t trying to rob anyone or take advantage but it sold for 5x what we bought it for. We’re selling our home in the US now. Bought it for $200k and selling it for $300k.

  20. He’s 16. You couldn’t treat him and his friends for his birthday? Am I missing something here? You’re expecting a 16 year old, in high school, to be financially independent? YTA. Be a parent to your son.

  21. Have to disagree. The Don Henley original is better, but the cover is p good

  22. Yeah, the Don Henley version is vastly better. That whole album, Building the Perfect Beast, is great.

  23. Sopranos; MadMen; The Wire Top Gear/The Grand Tour

  24. My sister lives 12 hours away. My husband works a swing shift and is comfortable being up overnight. We leave our house around 7pm and drive through the night. Been doing this since all our kids were infants, now 13, 7, 5.

  25. Yeah, that's higher, mine are currently 3.2k, but if it's worth it in better public services, I'm on board. 10k/year more wouldn't be cost prohibitive for us.

  26. But don’t forget we also have sales tax here too. I think it’s 8.75% in Erie County. People that move here often do so because of the cost of living but then are very surprised when they find out how high our taxes are for EVERYTHING.

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