1. S13 hatch with removable sunroof. I had one a few years back, felt like a T top with the sunroof out.

  2. Dead batteries MV in 2015. That or it was the maple syrup feature with Bones. I forgot tbh

  3. I’ve cruised with this car before, the owner was super chill and humble. He sold the car couple years ago and has gone through multiple owners since. I wonder where its at now

  4. Toyota corolla hatch 2019-22. Manual was discontinued for 2023 unfortunately

  5. Get off the phone you weenie. Also, why are you holding the steering wheel like that?

  6. 90’s nissan, maxima, Altima, sentra or Silvia

  7. Go and get your dream car! Corolla hatch 6mt is a great daily but you’ll have way more fun in the 86. You only live once

  8. Beat selected is good, he does kinda suck though. And his whole vibe is cringe IMO

  9. All i see are a bunch of missed abortions. Smh fuck these kids

  10. Xavier wulf said he has a song in the movie. Guess we’ll wait and see

  11. Solar yellow, factory 5 speed with nav? Its in good condition on top of that so hell yeah!

  12. So much could have been done with these characters. Disappointing

  13. Bones been eating GOOD lately

  14. I commute 2 hours a day in my 6mt xse. Id honestly fall asleep in a cvt

  15. Those boxer engines are piles of shit. Id prefer a stock ka any day

  16. Got my 22’ xse 6-speed for 31k after fees/taxes. I thought I overpaid at first but after driving it for few months i feel like its worth it :)

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