1. Seems like a lot of secrecy just to reveal ds2 which the entire world already knows about.

  2. Heartbreak on Unreal 5 as a survival horror sounds pretty dope.

  3. I remember thinking “surely in a year or so this will get picked up again or even by another studio and it’ll eventually come out”…. :(

  4. I like the black label purely for the aesthetic. It just looks nicer to me. Also, this is the first I’m hearing about upgraded fog effects. Where did you hear that?

  5. Konami hurry the fuck up and announce something before this legend leaves the project and realizes how much Silent Hill fans are assholes. I should know, I am one.

  6. SH1 or SH2. They aren’t necessarily connected. I’d emulate them.

  7. I think it deserves a remaster more than 2 and 3

  8. I think they’re allegedly remaking SH2 first because it was the most popular. They’ll probably do 1 and 3 eventually imo.

  9. I swear this thumbnail is used for every single post about Facebook.

  10. Exactly. Eventually he’s going to stop playing the game. Will it have all been for nothing at that point? No. He had fun. Onto the next fun thing.

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