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  1. Well gang, as you may or may not know, I'm down in southern Mexico and I love weed, so when i heard about a candy store called 'Sativa', i had to learn more......

  2. The first thing that pissed me off was the lack of save points

  3. I really like the custom flairs. No rules about something that can’t be posted from the show. (Like for example: no piss jugs. Fuck that rule)

  4. It's super sad. And as much as I want to vent and make memes like a lot of folks here, it's just gonna cause us more trouble. No way in hell I want to see anyone outside this sub get our goat. So, I'm just looking forward to us all having fun and shitposting as many low effort posts as we want.

  5. It’s also kind of weird that the mod team on the official sub have been totally dormant throughout all of this.

  6. I would never call it "official". That would imply that it was somehow endorsed by The Boys themselves. I'll just refer to it as the other place.

  7. 50 cents each?? That’s too much for some old chemicals lol

  8. I spin more records than a lazy Susan, I’m innocent until my guilt is proven. Peace, represent Sunnyvale straight the fuck up.

  9. Julian lost their retirement money, that might be bigger than any of Ricky's

  10. “You busted my cock over this one Julian. It’s broken”

  11. When Bubbles kicks his shed door open on Ricky’s face trying to rip his infected tooth out.

  12. I don’t want this game to flop but I definitely feel like it will

  13. Thats what i thought was going to happen also but they're talking about the reason for the exclusivity for the ps5 in this interview

  14. There was no indication whatsoever that it was coming to ps4. It said “wish list now ps5”. The wish list isn’t exclusive to ps5. If it was coming to ps4, it would have said ps4 in the trailer. And having a game release on ps5 and then release on ps4 a year later? That’s just silly imo.

  15. The Sony VP of 3rd party relations literally said “exclusively to ps5” during the transmission.

  16. I adore the x files and I definitely got some of that vibe too. Especially in the first few seasons

  17. But, they still gave you a peanut butter and jaaaaaaam right?

  18. I was wondering when someone would make a post to somehow find a negative side to the interview.

  19. I can’t give you a bam but I can give you a GREEN EGGS AND HAAAAAAAM

  20. Did he mention he was fuckin wasted out of his goddamn mind?

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