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  1. As a pilot, I would expect that „don’t touch anything“ was briefed before the flight.

  2. I like to tell them that, then flip the landing gear control handle. Weight on wheels, no retracty-tracty.

  3. Only way this would be acceptable is if ALL religious schools could get equal funding. Muslim, Orthodox, even Satanists, if they had a school program. These Christian fundamentalists want freedom of religion and support of religious programs only when such programs agree with their ideology. They need to GO!

  4. I genuinely thought it couldn't get any worse when we had Fallin but jfc was I so so incredibly wrong.

  5. The Satanic Temple would be the ones to challenge this, the Church of Satan are all "libertarians" who don't actually do anything.

  6. They’ve come out publicly stating they won’t be challenging this, and asked that people stop using them as a talking point in the matter.

  7. “Whole lot of mentally challenged folks confessing to crimes and being put to death lately.”

  8. I’ve been wearing. Wings for 40 years. I does matter If you can afford redwings. That says it all

  9. I’m not even sure what you’re saying here.

  10. Unbranded, naked and famous, and bravestar can all be found in slim taper for under 150. You can get Unbranded UB101s on Amazon for 95USD right now.

  11. Everyone gathered around for the photo op with the body. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  12. While I am a strong advocate for seeing your child as their own person, rather than a miniature version of yourself, there is an aspect of having kids that lets you also kind of re-experience childhood through their eyes. Showing my son the things I loved when I was his age takes me back to a time when a trip to the store was a reason to be excited, dessert tasted 10x better, and the ninja turtles were the coolest thing on earth.

  13. I have really intense mental health issues regarding being “trapped” anywhere. This would have my coworkers meeting a version of me they wouldn’t care for…

  14. I guess it’s good to see I’m not alone. I won’t even get into someone else’s car to be driven somewhere. I immediately scan every new location I enter and formulate an exit strategy. My coworkers are either going to get a very chill, but ineffective, worker who’s tapped into his emergency Xanax supply, or upper management is going to find one of their own in a hostage situation with my only demand being “Let me TF out of here.”

  15. Check out Solovair. Many years ago the brand was more or less “like doc martens, but better”, they had a small handful of models, and you had to get them imported from the UK. Now they have a pretty large catalog.

  16. This happened near my house in 2015, the family just settled for $5mil last year.

  17. 5 mil, paid in installments until 2088.

  18. Really, that’s the part you gravitated towards?

  19. Oklahoma elected this “former prize fighter” to the senate to represent the white non college educated males which represent the majority of voters in Oklahoma. And he sure isn’t letting them down LOL Impossible to underestimate the lethal combo of ignorance, Christianity and fascism that’s growing with human sandwich boxes like this guy

  20. All his campaign advertisements were about him fighting. I hope his next campaign includes promises of fighting fictional beasts and fictional problems.

  21. As someone who’s grown up in close proximity to Wichita and it’s sports culture, I’m not sure folks know just how accurate your portrayal of an assistant athletic coach from the area actually is.

  22. Does Beard end up getting taken out of the plane on a wheelchair or a gurney? And what model airplane has the interior space for one of these?

  23. Upon some research, it looks like a lot of British Airways first class flights are configured this way.

  24. Not gonna lie, Ted with his son, Henry, at the end did nothing for me. Everything else gave me so many feels, and I got very emotional… until the scenes with Ted and Henry.

  25. Henry wasn’t exactly built up in the series. He was portrayed more like baggage than a human child with needs, wants, and a personality. We felt for Ted throughout the season regarding his struggle with being a long distance father, but we never really explored how Henry felt about it.

  26. Not sure if it's been said before, but... THERE'S A SIX MINUTE MINI DOC/FEATURE UNDER BONUS CONTENT!!!! It's called Richmond Til We Die!

  27. Overall I think the ending showed how much of a waste the KJPR stuff was.

  28. Honestly, I don’t think she and Roy ever should’ve broken up. The only things that did was 1.) spin the show off onto whatever was going on with Keely away from the main story (side note, networks do that intentionally to get a feel for if a spin-off will be well received. Stranger things did it when 11 found all those goth kids with powers. Unfortunately, neither this or that were well received.) and .2) it added some character development to Roy’s character in the last 20 minutes when he finally admitted he has issues and got into therapy. The same could’ve been accomplished by getting Keeley pregnant and realizing he needed to change to be a better father. It also would’ve made a better catalyst to Ted leaving than his mother showing up to tell him he’s not making enough effort to get close to his son.

  29. The idea of being invested enough to read a book about a fictional team is hilarious, but same.

  30. I almost bought a pair but I chose to go with the Grant Stone Diesel’s in black cxl with a leather sole.

  31. Those are killer! I see what you mean by the contrast. They look sharp.

  32. And it’s human to say you shouldn’t jump an elderly man.

  33. I'd be surprised if there were not actually 21 oz. They litterally look like 21oz from the pictures.

  34. I was expecting a challenge, not sweatpants.

  35. Is it just me, or do the eyelets on the boot to the left not line up? The inboard row seem to be half an eyelet further down. Is it that boot that’s giving you issues??

  36. Same. Like, how much for the most “fragrant” tomato, ma’am?

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