1. He’s just suicidal. It’s not you it’s him. Keep reassuring him unless he’s putting constant pressure on you. Support him to get outside help because you can’t handle those thoughts of his on your own.

  2. That kinda makes sense. This is the first time he told me that but he mentioned before he was gonna join the national guard then go in military as a medic because he didn't care if he died... will prob be more social and happy around him more.

  3. That’s a good start. Remember, his mental status isn’t completely your burden. Do what feels right

  4. I’m also proud of you for not showing your jealousy, that shows maturity and high character. Unfortunately, it probably means she’s not interested in you right now. Don’t worry though, you should like a great individual who’ll have no problem finding the right person.

  5. Distance yourself as much as you need. If you’re close enough with them have the conversation. If all else fails, remember you’re not alone in what you’re suffering through. You got this ❤️

  6. Is she your gf? If not, and she’s just a crush, this sounds like it’s irrationally angry. People send snaps of their bf/gf/talking stages to people all the time. Move on.

  7. Was it a send to all? I know it’s tough, but I think it would be better for your mental health to cut ties.

  8. We were conversing, so didn’t have to take a photo of that if she didn’t want to. She was snapping others possibly but had a chance to send something else to me

  9. Just keep in mind the saying "if she wanted to, she would"

  10. Idk if that's a good thing but I my crush mentioned that she has so many dms she just doesn't have the energy to reply to all of them.

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