1. I honestly like all the newcomers to varying degrees except Lily. She's so whcak outside of her super animations and I wish she were an entirely different character, had a different design, or were a boy with wild hair or something. Feels like they played it way too safe and she's cringe and not funny at all to me, sorry! She just doesn't have that "it" factor that makes a SF character "cool" to me.

  2. Lily needed to be a boy or given a different personality/look or something idk what it is but it doesn't work for me at all. I would literally take nothing over Lily. She's just not "cool."

  3. Luke is sick. People just mad at 5 even though they were losing anyway. LOL.

  4. I just need her back, period. I trust they'll figure out how to make her fun in this game.

  5. So you purposefully only ever went 14 days clean at a time? You just keep putting yourself in the withdrawal phase where everything is hard and more intense. I'm glad you changed your life, but the discipline to do that was always with you, you just picked up better habits and actually pursued what you wanted. Not sure if two weeks with "purposeful" relapse does but so much compared to if you just went the full way clean.

  6. I think the character is boring as shit but earing short shorts in a warm climate makes complete sense

  7. "He would literally start praying loudly, causing an awkward scene and causing the girls to leave."

  8. Hell no I don't believe that shit if you're referring to the allegations.

  9. Dude I think this is just a coincidence I doubt your whole life could change in 5 days. Try not to think too hard about it but continue to retain and pursue excellence imo.

  10. Whack. Also it helps if you're on SR and have a goal or constantly trying to improve.

  11. I'd definitely like to see him return. He defeated Sagat and was interested in the Satsui no hado. I'd like to see how he developed into the best mui thai fighter on the planet (decked out trunks with sponsors or something on them) and slip into a Satsui mean streak when he's in a pinch. Writes itself honestly. It'd give Ryu something to do and it's nice to have a neutral but mean spirited character like this. He's not evil but plays dirty and I like that.

  12. Anyone else consider this the value brand of opinion? It’s like the generational default of “new game bad, previous game good”. I guarantee we see it with sf6

  13. I’m glad you are enjoying it, and I hope you continue too. My point isn’t that no one will enjoy it, just that street fighter players always seem to hate a game till the next generation, where the new game becomes hated and the prior loved

  14. She's like that because of ninja stuff. Finishing school and being a ninja part-time will give her time to date someone and enjoy her life. It's a fun character trait so maybe they will give her something else in its place.

  15. Nah I never wondered. Figured it was likely fanservice. I've always wondered what Cammy's outfit is even supposed to be though. Lol.

  16. The reason she has her hips out is because it's "part of her training"

  17. With Ibuki I'm a lot more likely to believe it has to do with being an actual ninja/training. Distractions and things are noted to be a viable strategy even if the enemy hesitates for a moment longer just because you're a woman.

  18. I like the idea and she is cool looking. As her own thing, maybe it can work (though being a sumo wrestler may not be her intention considering she is ripped.) Now if this was a female fighter or fan INSPIRED by sumo or E Honda, then that'd fit nicely. There's gotta be a couple techniques in there that you don't have to be 300lbs for right? Lol.

  19. Alright, you got me. What counter application is this?

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