1. Within the dreaded beltway.

  2. You need to list a price for be reaction rod.

  3. If you are 100% confident the kid is yours, this is what I would recommend (similar to what others have recommended already):

  4. Just barely getting by doesn't make us harder, in fact it might degrade the force.

  5. I lived in different barracks for over a decade. You really have no clue what you are talking about and are not helping yourself.

  6. You are stationed at Miramar, and you are complaining as much as you do? Go get orders to Cherry Point, New River, or some other shithole and you'll realize what you are taking for granted. Funny thing is, I know your base commander too. Awesome dude.

  7. A lot of the old timers exaggerate their service.

  8. Did you just send them a copy of your orders? I’m possibly facing a similar situation

  9. https://www.nationalguntrusts.com/pages/atf-tax-stamp-active-duty-pcs-or-deployment-orders-letter-generator

  10. You're probably the same type that gets mad about the SCRA and how we can get out of leases without penalty when we are ordered to up and move at no choice of our own.

  11. .30 fits in a 9mm hole....

  12. I don’t know the ins and outs of this stuff, but with that specific wording in the ruling it sounds to me that Congress could quickly and easily pass a bill that says something along the lines of “congress gives the ATF power to define items regulated by law in the interest of public safety” or some bullshit like that

  13. When was the last time you saw congress do anything quickly?

  14. Beautiful spot for a promotion, besides all the construction they are doing around it haha. Congrats!

  15. If you have a 723 (with feed ramps) right now, and are wanting to build something different, I'd be willing trade/sell my C7 upper with M4 feed ramps so that you can build what you want without pulling it apart.

  16. I just played it for my cats, and momma came running! haha

  17. I'm pretty sure that is a Colt SP1.

  18. It’s weird, that was my thought too but all my research says that the SP1 didn’t have the forward assist

  19. A quick search found some old references to a Colt Sporter 2 that might help:

  20. Could have had their door locked as well? And in that case he also could have been armed.... I do think if people feel a degree of safety being armed that is their right, however guns are not the fixed it bandaid they are portrayed to be...

  21. I would always recommend avoiding a confrontation whenever possible, but I'd much rather see a dead criminal than one in cuffs.

  22. Depending on the crime I completely understand.

  23. In my opinion, it should be legal to meet any deliberate attempt to deprive someone else of their life(to include livelihood), liberty(to include freedom of choice such as rape, sexual assault), or property with lethal force. And if later found guilty in court, it should result in an expeditious capital punishment (personally I feel that expeditious should be no earlier than 6 months, and no later than 12 months in order to permit an appeal).

  24. Jesus fucking Christ, dude. Yopu know why I think I have such a strong reaction to this? Because I'm scared. Right wing extremism is on the rise again, and I really, really hope I'm wrong, but I'm terrified that we're way too close to a second holocaust. Comments like this only mterrify me more. They tortured children to death. Even if there was some kind of jewish conspiracy, how do you justify that???

  25. The Soviets raped half of all Europe and starved out millions, racking up tens of millions killed or left to die in in the name of communism. Mao killed over 100 million of his own people. Americans fire-bombed Dresden, a non-military city. Americans fire-bombed Tokyo with the intention of demoralizing their military upon hearing that their families weren't safe. War itself is an atrocity and atrocities happen throughout. None of it is justified, but it's not unique to any one side or another or one time or another, it's just that the side that wins tends to hide their own and amplify those of their opponents.

  26. Just because other nations committed atrocities, too, doesn't mean the holocaust didn't happen, or that it was in any way excusable. And it happened due to far right wing radicalisation and the unfounded belief that there was some kind of "jewish conspiracy" going on.

  27. I clearly stated that none of it is justified. What I am trying to say is stop getting fixated on just one incident. The Soviets had camps, called them gulags and worked people to death. The Americans had camps, called them concentration camps and insane asylums. The Imperial Japanese had camps, well, sort of, they killed more liberally and/or worked them to death. The NSDAP Germans had camps, which were concentration and work camps too, conveniently located in near proximity to large industrial manufacturing plants. Forced labor, slave labor, removal of undesirables from the society, whatever you want to call it, it was all the rage in nations during the first half of the 20th century. The holocaust and the forced labor was nothing unique, except that their nation lost the war and the story was told and retold and exaggerated for the next 75+ fucking years and used as a foundation by one ethnic people to avoid responsibility for any of their own despicable actions.

  28. All the reservists in boot camp with that smug look on their face saying that they still get to be called Marines, do the same training, and get to be at home with a civilian job the whole time.

  29. Not to mention all the people here calling the reserves a scam. Yeah, you're the one scamming! Claim to be a Marine yet you don't do a damn thing at all then whine because you want all the benefits.

  30. 6 years in the reserves, so you did like, what, 6 months in uniform? Even someone who was active duty at 6 months would only rate 60% of their GI Bill. In the reserves though? Nope.

  31. Used on every map, due to the map being flat while the planet is not. Search for declination diagram and you'll see GN, MN, and a star for True North.

  32. OP needs to learn the differences between True North, Grid North, and Magnetic North.

  33. He's stupid because he was trained that way. That's all DI's do at the depot anyways, make people stupid, to include themselves for the rest of their careers.

  34. Compared to what? Women are treated considerably better in the Air Force than they are in the Marine Corps, but then again all Airmen are treated, on average, better than Marines.

  35. It pains me to know such people are allowed to breathe the same air.

  36. As long as the 723 comes with the pencil barrel, I'll gladly pay a little premium for it that and a 733 pencil.

  37. You honestly don't want to know, because it isn't pretty. At all.

  38. Why would his gravestone include a campaign that ended a decade before he was born.

  39. I'll share here what I have found since looking into this. Military grave markers are limited in what information is available to display, but for the sake of this we are going to focus on what they call "war service".

  40. I apologize to be misleading, I don’t believe anyone mistook it for a war campaign I really don’t know I just wanted to share him with the subreddit

  41. You have nothing to apologize for bro, glad you had him as a friend for the time that you had. I just thought it was curious that the gravestone doesn't line up with reality.

  42. Please stop referring to any barrel as an "NFA" or "SBR" barrel.

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