2. I like Pokémon but not that much. Jesus Christ why would you need a digital copy of a game when you have a physical one.

  3. Trading fodder, because it looks nice, and mostly so I can let my nephew play as much as he wants on a game without worrying about my file 😆

  4. just what I was thinking. Why Garcello?

  5. Mixed of pedophiles in the modding community and the rise of soft core porn about fnf everywhere.

  6. there is one but it isn’t on this subreddit so I’m just gonna do dongerbot ayyyy lmao

  7. The only time I hate piracy is when a game is still in circulation and the devs/publisher is still making money off it. But with the 3DS eShop closing down, it’s now fair game for pirates.

  8. Then again if nintendo sold collections of these games on physicals carts i would buy them like 3d all stars. You are just renting gaming with nso online.

  9. Pffft, like Nintendo would do that. The only thing ur getting is rereleases, why we pirate in the first place is because consoles that are being faded out from its owner have found a new place in homebrew. A sample of 3DS games wouldn’t happen because to Nintendo it wasn’t as influential as it should have been and nobody seems to push Nintendo about that.

  10. You see Phoenix, I have invaded this game to ruin you one more time. Not even the chemical factory can save you now.

  11. Von Karma! You can’t just do that!

  12. The Wii U is a nice system :D (especially for homebrew)

  13. As a furry we don't know who's making these, we are using all our disproportionate number of computer scientist furries to try and track these people down but currently they are one step ahead, any and all informations on the whereabouts of the creator of these ads os appreciated abd should be forwarded

  14. Wait, you serious? This is an actual fucking issue? Like, there are more ads with a similar idea to this one?

  15. The only reason why I would add credits right now is so that I can see that purchasing and downloading screen one last time.

  16. I really hope it works out for all of you! "Old reliable sock trick"?

  17. Basically, you get socks (in this case 3 don’t matter color, just get some socks) and rub each sock on the pet and label them. (this puts their smell on the sock) Then take the Amber sock and have the cats sniff it, and vice versa (take cat socks and have Amber smell them) Repeat this for 1 hr every day for about a week and it should remove some aggression when they meet face to face because they remember that smell.

  18. I've never heard this before, but it makes sense. I knew dogs have an incredible sense of smell, but I didn't know cats do too. Is Amber curious about the cats?

  19. She doesn’t know about them yet, we keep the dog in the guest room and downstairs hallway only, and of course tomorrow we will move the dog upstairs and the cats into my rommies bedroom.(supervision on both sides of course) However I think the cats know and are confused.

  20. Yaaay!! So happy for you!! Post pics!

  21. We are bringing Amber home after we got her!

  22. I know I’m prolly gonna get banned so don’t put me on

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