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  1. I just don’t understand how can you do a long trip with the peanut tank!

  2. You stop a bunch. If you ride long distances on no fairing type bikes, you’re glad for the short breaks a small tank provides. 😂 I stop every 100 miles regardless to stretch and hydrate and fuel.

  3. Look in the Trader newspaper, you’d be surprised how many old people still use it and only it. You’ll find good cars in there one owner low miles for a fair price.

  4. Send coordinates. I’m a brewer for Anheuser Busch, I’ll bring enough beer for a biker party. 🤠🍺🏍

  5. One way around it is getting your dog certified as an emotional support animal. I always had trouble getting a rental with my AmStaff, he’s too big and dangerous according to the rental companies. He literally sleeps 22 hours a day.

  6. No clue, my friends wife went that route and it got her Pitbull past the no pets policy.

  7. I’d go with voltage regulator rectifier.

  8. Stage IV upgrade. Still tops out at 114 mph.

  9. Best post I seen in this sub in forever, two thumbs up. 👍🏻👍🏻

  10. You can’t be a lone wolf bad ass AND support the people who want to trample your rights AKA the police. Fuck. The. Police. And fuck anyone who supports their tyrannical ways.

  11. They're veteran owned, what'd you expect from proud (former) members of the biggest bootlicking community in the country?

  12. Veteran here, FUCK THE POLICE. You were saying about the military being bootlickers? We laugh at cops for thinking they’re mr tactical, way too many of them have never even left the states much less deployed. I have zero respect for a group of people who regularly trample constitutional rights. ACAB.

  13. The real thing (N. Hollywood Shootout) was a lot scarier in real life. Feel like L.A. is slowly regressing back to that level of Wild West that it was in the 80’s and 90’s. Robbing season 24/7/365.

  14. Only difference now is it’s harder for normal individuals to arm themselves while criminals are armed to the teeth.

  15. Try getting a CCW in L.A. County, best of luck. Only person I personally know that has one was automatically approved because he was the victim of a violent crime, he got shot. 😳

  16. I’m sure you already have, did you sign her up for the MSF basic rider course? Sweet looking bike, congrats.

  17. Yes she’s alive last I heard, I only learned of her when my aunt (her mother) died. Needless to say I don’t have any contact with my family, I’m not gonna be party to that kind of behavior. Apparently the child was abused as an infant which resulted in brain damage and her limited abilities. To cover that up is disgusting and unacceptable.

  18. I haven’t no, I live very far away from my family. I know she’s in a hospital in Southern California. I know she got a portion of an estate after my grandmother died. My father made it a point to make sure and get her fair portion allotted to her and put into a state run trust for her. Needless to say that rubbed my cousins all the wrong way. My entire family is a disaster honestly, so glad I don’t speak to any of them.

  19. Overpriced. I’d hit them with $1800 to start.

  20. I don't even get that "wouldn't joined" shit. If you just want to be tactical as fuck and shoot a bunch of guns I don't see what that has to do exclusively with the military unless you just want to toss a bunch of running and other shit in with it like a strange bonus.

  21. Well the military and special operations kind of have the tactical market cornered so…

  22. The market though? Sounds more like private instruction where the person paying yet again didn't actually have to join the military.

  23. Just so I’m clear on this, in your mind a civilian “tactical instructor” is the leading authority on tactics and weapons etc even though there are operators out there doing wild shit with crazy equipment we won’t see because it’s all classified stuff?

  24. Gee do you think maybe having 7 children is a bit too much for one human to handle? Rest In Peace kids.

  25. You married to a ten year old? Wtf kinda grown human does this?

  26. Pollution to the max, nothing surprising here.

  27. Not crazy at all, Honda cruiser powerbands are smooth as silk. Now if you bought a Honda crotch rocket, I’d say get your life insurance in order.

  28. Well done! Looks like a fun ride.

  29. I couldn’t afford a Harley till I was mid 30s, so not old AF, but not young AF either. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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