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  1. 14! Though technically I had a DS first

  2. You shouldn’t assume shit. And people can speak what language they want.

  3. So you are foolish enough to believe Putin holds free and fair elections?

  4. Isn’t Imagine Dragons from Las Vegas?

  5. Feruchemical Brass and Electrum or maybe Electrum compounding

  6. Gonna be honest I think the operation was unsuccessful

  7. The country has now substantially improved

  8. Actually good comic but reading “nosey pants” makes me want to commit unalive

  9. If anyones curious they difference between “abstention” and “did not Vote” is basically

  10. Disappointing that he’s still with them.

  11. Almost all Cross sigs but especially gauntlets nsig

  12. I've reported your ass for misinformation.

  13. Such is the case for many foreign agents

  14. Stop here, in 1900. It's so sad after.

  15. You can't tell me Reagan never shit his pants.

  16. Does it count if you’re wearing a diaper?

  17. Shotgun? Sure, he dies, mostly because he wouldn’t have a head left.

  18. Out of all the Justice League WW definitely has the highest chance.

  19. Lmao what a way to discover a news story

  20. I think we’ve found the world’s worst nature narrator. He’s like the anti/Attenborough

  21. It's called soccer 🇺🇸🇺🇲🇨🇦🇿🇦

  22. Throw Japan in there! They have our back

  23. I think it's cool that they're Muslim. I think it's not cool that they're intolerant of LGBTQ people. I would hope that a minority would be acutely aware of how intolerance impacts others.

  24. I don’t think it’s cool that they are Muslim. Just because it’s different from our typical insanity doesn’t mean it’s much better.

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