One in five adults don’t want children — and they’re deciding early in life

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It’s already happening. Nurses in many states are reporting that women are coming into ERs with ectopic pregnancy & being forced to wait for hours while doctors consult with lawyers before performing a procedure that she literally needs to not bleed out and die. We must not rest until this is fixed.

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I just demanded that my doctor provide me with prescription pain killers before my colposcopy. Ladies, we need to start getting mean with doctors.

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  1. I still disagree with you and I’m in favor of OP getting the surgery, the stats weren’t to help your argument because you’re protecting your own emotions and fears into it too much. I think 6.3% is low enough for her to be confident in her decision.

  2. I do see why you think that, but I have an Egyptian friend who is highly educated (PhD) and relatively westernised, and she genuinely likes wearing it (the hijab) - as it is part of her culture, fashion and identity.

  3. What are the studies to back up rTMS having worse side effects than antidepressants? Because that isn’t true. rTMS has very little side effects and is advertised as so. That’s one of the benefits to it.

  4. I don’t think you read anything I posted and you’re not really putting up a good argument by repeating yourself.

  5. You’re not really understanding what I’m trying to say, you just kind of keep repeating yourself. maybe I’m not explaining it well enough. So I think I’m going to end it here.

  6. I gained some weight, other than that I am concerned about any long term side effects, if this could cause cancer or something along those lines because surely it can’t be healthy to skip your period forever. But it’s the only thing in my entire life that’s helped. And I’m talking thousands of dollars in supplements, microdosing, therapy, meds, I did it all and nothing worked. I’m still shocked it worked at all because I thoroughly expected it not to.

  7. I’m so happy that worked for you. I’m scared I’ll be one of the people that it makes their depression worse

  8. I totally understand how you feel. I’m in a place where I have almost tapered off my antidepressants because they’ve done more damage than good.

  9. Need to locate the sterilization thread before they make that illegal... where do I get my tubes tied? I'm in Ohio. I don't think they like women getting sterilized here.

  10. Thank you. This is the best comment on here. I would give you an award if I wasn’t poor but take my +1

  11. Hi OP! I’m a woman and my boyfriend has about a 4” penis (never measured, just guessing based on the size my hand for scale lol). Sex with him is the best sex I’ve ever had. Please don’t feel bad about yourself, you’re perfectly normal and capable of satisfying a woman.

  12. Ruger LCP Max .380. Stock 10 round mag.

  13. I have small hands and need a handgun that is easy to use. How difficult is the trigger pull and slide on this guy?

  14. The pain meds (ibuprofens) were for cramping. Not pain! Like period cramps. More like discomfort. I think pain is a misleading word when it comes to this procedure. It’s really just uncomfortable - not painful.

  15. …but cramping is pain? My period cramps are painful. This sounds like something a doctor would say to avoid giving women proper pain management.

  16. I’m confused. You felt no pain but after the procedure you had to take pain medicine for cramping?

  17. SSRIs help me too, but they all make me unable to orgasm. As soon as I stop, within a week I’m back to normal. While I was feeling less rage before my period on them, my mood was overall lower because I felt like an important part of me was gone and sex with my partner made me sad.

  18. I wish there were surgeons in Cleveland willing to perform ligations on child-free single women. They literally ask for male partners consent!!! And what’s worse is if you’re single, they say “your future partner may want biological kids.” It’s honestly so demeaning.

  19. Why the hell would your age matter (according to them)? It's not like you have to keep it in for 5-10 years or however long that brand lasts, it can be removed at any time.

  20. So when they say “age” they’re implying that younger women who haven’t had kids have smaller uteruses. Basically we’re classified as no kids = “young” = smaller uterus hasn’t been stretched out by a baby.

  21. Google bilateral salpingectomy instead of tying your tubes. It’s the better procedure because it physically removes the tubes. This would be a huge reduction in chance (practically zero chance) of having an ectopic pregnancy.


  23. Do you have sources for this? I’m not saying you’re lying, I just want to share this horrible horrible fact with other people because most people do not know what an ectopic pregnancy is.

  24. I've thought of this too but I'm really questioning all my interpretations of her character now. Like, how often has she been drunk and I just thought she was being silly like me?

  25. Oh I see. So it may be usual behavior but you just hadn’t noticed it beforehand.

  26. This happens a lot. I'm glad you didn't have ridiculous overtreatment!!

  27. You actually have it backwards, women my age shouldn’t be tested. I should have never been tested for HPV below age 30 because in most women my age it resolves itself, like what just happened to me.

  28. Good for you for pushing back! I hope your GP also takes this as a lesson learned. Far too many women seem to be over treated by gynecologists. But since gynecology is a surgical specialty, it is not surprising. And unlike other surgical specialties, women oftentimes have long-standing relationships with their gynecologists especially if they've had children. This makes us particularly vulnerable to being "scammed" (over-tested and over-treated).

  29. I’m probably at an advantage then because I’ve moved a lot and don’t have any long-standing relationships with doctors. I bet it would be hard to not trust someone who you’ve been seeing for so long.

  30. Growing up my mom NEVER used tp for peeing. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that I could use it for that.

  31. We did, but only in their bathroom and she didn't use it for that. She taught me to just shake it off. You'd still get some drips in your panties though

  32. Very interesting. It must depend on personal anatomy as well. I must have a fat coochie because I don’t think I’d be able to adequately get it all off without toilet paper.

  33. 50 50. Yeah you might be overreacting a bit but after all this time ? They don't respect you enough to call you what you want then...well their loss.

  34. I don’t think she’s overreacting at all. She’s been called the incorrect name for like 7 years.

  35. Sorry I meant to reply to the snarky comment above yours. I swear the Reddit app does this to me sometimes.

  36. Whoever you decide to go with I would just be super frank at the start and say this is what I want and how i want it to go, if they don’t agree then run!

  37. Yup, I did that with the gynecologist at Cleveland Clinic. Wanted to do a biopsy of my cervix the first day I met her with little information given about the procedure (thankfully I knew what it was) and absolutely nothing for pain (not even Tylenol). I laughed and walked out of the office.

  38. I just your post from another sub and saw the story about the iud. I had similar experiences of horribly painful insertions and removal -I feel like I have a extra sensitive cervix- and I told her my concerns and we came up with a plan to get ready for a removal of a previous iud, and then after my child a new iud put in. It was a very positive experience both times and I wasn’t made to feel bad when asking for it to be more comfortable.

  39. Music to my ears. She sounds phenomenal. Thank you so much for the information, this really puts me at ease about contacting her about this procedure. The experience with the Clinic doctor had me worried I was going to have to buy a plane ticket back to my former state to see a doctor with compassion!

  40. Also make sure she explains to you what this entails. The last one I had, the doctor performed a curettage on me without my consent. 2 er visits later, I find out that's not standard of care. I was in so much pain for months. I avoided doctors for 2 years. I finally found a good one, thankfully.

  41. Lol she didn’t explain shit. She tried to get me to do it that same day, the first day I met her, without explaining anything to me. I had an important work dinner that night and would have been completely fucked had I gone through with it. I would have been in pain and leaking stuff out of my vagina the entire evening.

  42. If it’s what I’m thinking of, thank rhymes with Shmeveshmand Shminic, I’m not surprised. The doctors in that system, especially on main campus, have the worst bedside manner. I went there when I was having migraines and told my doctor about my worried, because I have brain cancer on both sides of my family, and he essentially told me I was stupid for worrying at all. Granted, it turned out to be because of my thyroid, but still.

  43. I still wonder if I had been told all the things I shouldn't do after the biopsy if I'd have had all the problems I experienced over the last two years. This was after the IUD that i was told would treat my symptoms of PCOS -hint it doesn't- and I bled for 18 days of every month before having it removed. Anemia is fun!

  44. My IUD has been a godsend but I feel like they sell them up to everyone and act like it’s one size fits all for everyone’s problems. My sister reacted awfully to it.

  45. Uhh, all of it? Apparently it takes 4-6 weeks to heal, you shouldn't insert anything like tampons or have vaginal sex, you shouldn't lift anything over 10lbs, etc... I wasn't told about any aftercare for it at all.

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