1. Yea which is really depressing that no one is willing to accept the minus… which kinda sucks really… wonder if the problem is the core mechanic then anything

  2. Archetypes like megalith and drytron fix the inherent weakness of rituals but konami hasn't given them support to be meta

  3. Yea Drytron is a limited bridge (there’s exceptions and exact words that sneak in like the OCG recent White Zoa, which can only be summoned by finding a Dogmatika card first) and Megalith feels abandoned sadly…

  4. I actually think one of the best ways to help rituals is by giving them archetypal Ed monsters like with drytrons that make the process easier

  5. An example is brook spending two weeks with the strawhats with most of it on the sea, nearly getting killed by an admiral and likely to become a super wanted criminal

  6. Brooks spends 50 yrs of life in pure fucking isolation. He suffers from the guilt of letting his whole crew massacred as a captain and never getting to see Laboon and fullfill their last wish.

  7. Luffy didn't fight just because of brook

  8. Give zoro luffys plot armor and he wins all these duels

  9. Yeah there was gunshot sound as the truck was leaving

  10. I've always wondered: is there an actual diehard group of fans for these Indian soaps? Like, people who are gasping in fear at the kind of thing we just watched?

  11. Yep zee world is an African classic channel

  12. You see contrary to popular opinion the deck limit is actually 60

  13. So a 43-45 card deck is inconsistent?

  14. Bro these aren't hot takes these are just ur opinions 😫😭😭

  15. I always hated the line "don't ever hit women." I mean yeah it's wrong, but let's be real, violent actions beget violent reactions

  16. The guy unnecessarily escalated the issue

  17. Can you tell me how to upgrade skills past epic

  18. Visit the axe-wielding NPC with horns (which looks like an enemy) in Hill Town (5th NPC to the right) or Elmort (right most of the town). He is selling premium items purchasable with crystals. The Chest with a book worth 3,000 crystals is what you're looking for.

  19. It always gives regular skill books

  20. No DLF there wasn’t in PES21. Efootball 22 and 23 basically are in the same season.

  21. What nonsense is this Pes 21 had multiple deep lying lying forwards in firmino griezman, messi Basten etc

  22. fr bro and is PES 2021 it wasn't that complicated to get the best out of a certain player's playstyle, I used to wreck every player that I came across with Firmino even though he was a dummy runner but in eFootball it's much more different and harder.

  23. Yeah I enjoyed using van baste. And Denis law but nowadays everybody just spams mbappe haaland and lewandowski because konami nerfed everything else

  24. Why do people still think that Daniel second was someone’s else/passes on to different persons ?

  25. Because there is a picture of big Daniel with a man in a fishing environment

  26. Because there is a picture of big Daniel with a man in a fishing environment

  27. Tbf even if he broke his whole board with Maxx "C" live. What would he even make? He probably use up all the mats in his extra deck and can't go into anything useful.

  28. Potential evil longyuan Baxia and acesscode

  29. It turns out trodious was a ancient mage who had the power of fate then entire time. He used kyoka suigetsu to fake his defeat against midthur and is now in the relictombs preparing for war. But we only get to see his pov after we get 100+ pointless emotional arthur reunion povs + 100 ellie povs

  30. We have had around three reunion scenes in over 400 chapters That Isn't excessive especially since they do serve a purpose of reminding readers of the difference BTW Grey and Arthur

  31. Yeah it's... something. Sadly it's an UR. This handtrap doesn't really work on turn 1 if your opponent starts so you're better using something else, like quick-play or trap.

  32. Ash dosent target though and it's the most popular

  33. Albaz isn't really Super Poly, he is very mediocre and only good situationally alone...

  34. Albaz is non targeting non destruction removal of almost any end board monster in game


  36. This isnt a good reason not to have in game chat

  37. That is probably the most annoying match up for Despia though. To say how well it does against most decks it's bound to have a tremendous weakness like this.

  38. Not really since you have many ns that beat over barrier statue

  39. You're not Super Polying away the Wind BS unless you are running a Wind Fusion monster in the ED, which Branded Despia doesn't.

  40. Yh forgot that But murdragon can clear any other two monsters

  41. I bought mcinnes but he dosent actually have this formation ig

  42. it's not the manager but the team default formation, so just switch ur base team to Kilmarnock F.C

  43. Skill drain actually takes skill to pilot. You also have to be able to read and fetch the right eldlich traps.

  44. Not true Eldlitch always grabs the golden land then huaquero every single time

  45. The earliest you can feasibly activate this card is turn 3 because mekk Knights are a turn 2 deck usually relying on the opponents to gain their ss effects

  46. Doesn’t matter when you can generate your own columns using synchros and the EMZ now. Lightsworn would make this busted.

  47. Spell card quick play spell

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